RHB Bank Raya Open House 2018

27 Jun 2018

RHB Bank, a local bank in Malaysia, has an app, known as ‘RHB Now’, where customers can do their banking transaction. Since the trend these days is on user experience and lifestyle, RHB has been rather visionary by putting an online store into the app.   We are one of the vendors to this app. […]

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Thaifex 2018

02 Jun 2018

This year, we decided to make a trip to Thaifex again. We have always love visiting Thaifex, as the Food & Beverage industry in Thailand, is considered the most vibrant in South East Asia. Koelnmesse Pte Ltd, the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), and the Thai Chamber of Commerce (TCC) are the organiser of […]

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MIHAS 2018

12 Apr 2018

For the past 15 years, Malaysia has been hosting the world’s biggest Halal exhibition, called MIHAS (Malaysia International Halal Showcase). This year, the event was held at the newly constructed venue, Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC). In 2017, there were 22,000 trade visitors flocking into the MIHAS 2017. This also resulted in total […]

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MATRADE Day 2018

05 Feb 2018

This year, the Malaysian External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) celebrates its 25th Anniversary. Established in March 1993, MATRADE was created to assist Malaysian exporters to develop and expand their export markets. For 25 years, MATRADE has been working to achieve one of its goal which is to position Malaysia as a globally competitive nation. MATRADE […]

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Anuga 2017 (Cologne, Germany)

15 Oct 2017

Recently, Rhymba Hills® had the opportunity to attend Anuga (Allegemeine Nahrungs-und Genussmittel-Ausstellung) Food Fair in Cologne, Germany. The actual name of the fair is the ‘General Food and Drink Trade Fair’ and it is normally held once every 2 years. The Anuga Fair has been described as one of the world’s largest (and most prominent) […]

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Singapore Tea and Coffee 2017

28 Sep 2017

We recently attended the Singapore Tea and Coffee exhibition at Singapore Expo. All this while, the event was held in UK, but for the first time ever, the organiser decided to bring it to South East Asia, and Singapore was it’s choice. We decided to attend the exhibition, mainly to attend the Tea Workshop. (unfortunately […]

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It's All About Digital Now

12 Aug 2017

Smartphones have truly changed the way we do things. Consumers no longer watch as much TV or listen to radio, instead they do majority of ‘viewing’ and getting informed via their devices (laptop, desktop, tablets etc.) With that said, it is no wonder that everyone is talking about going digital now! In fact, there is […]

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Community Service

06 Jul 2017

We believe that life and business are similar, what goes around, comes around. You give good, good will come back and vice versa.   Thus, we believe that community service is COMPULSORY, not mandatory.  After all, giving without strings attached is the highest form of fulfillment, to be able to help another being.   This […]

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MIHAS 2017

06 Apr 2017

MIHAS is Malaysia’s largest international Halal exhibition. It is held yearly at KLCC (Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre) and it does attract quite a fair bit of crowd. It is interesting to see the latest products and services. However, we noted that this year’s  exhibition is much smaller, the crowd is also much lesser. Perhaps a […]

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Cafe Asia 2017

08 Mar 2017

We always make it a point to attend exhibitions and events within the industry, to know the trends of the coffee and tea industry, and the market feel.   Cafe Asia is held yearly in Singapore. This year, they had the inaugural tea competition. However, time was not on our side, thus, we could not […]

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MAHA 2016

08 Dec 2016

Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture & Agrotourism (MAHA) is held every 2 years. Thus, the last time it was held 2 years ago. It is Malaysia’s biggest agriculture showing, bringing all players within the industry, from throughout Malaysia to gather at MAEPS in Serdang. We could see that there are more healthier beverages available – fresh fruit […]

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Rhymba Hills® Tea Donation

09 Nov 2016

Rhymba Hills Tea Donation From day one, Rhymba Hills® has been committed to donate part of our sales proceeds. We truly believe that it is compulsory to give back to the community in order to appreciate the blessings we have received. In doing so, we also hope to inspire other businesses to not only be […]

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Pay It Forward

02 Aug 2016

  A friend is part of an organisation committee for Zy Movement Foundation (ZMF). This foundation is for children who have mobility disability. He approached us for donation.   I asked him, why ZMF and not other foundations? His reply was – the other foundations are too high profile, and this foundation is unknown, and […]

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How to Inspire Someone to Adopt A Healthy Lifestyle

27 Jun 2016

I am a big believer in frequent exercise, especially in the morning. To me, mornings are so precious and vital. Mornings are the start of the day, and a great start to the morning is important, to ensure the energy flows to the rest of the day.   My daily morning brisk walk at the […]

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Give Blood, Saves Lives 3

09 May 2016

We have always believe in giving back to the community. After all, profits are made from the community, thus, a certain percentage should go back to the community.   Businesses exist to make profits. Thus, it is nothing sinful to make profits, but it has to be made ethically and with integrity, so that the […]

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