Hong Kong Tea Expo 2014

19 Aug 2014

Every year, we make it a point to go to Hong Kong, to attend the Tea Expo. And what makes it more interesting, is, there are 3 other Expos running concurrently at the same event – Food Expo, Home Deco Expo and Traditional Chinese Medicine Expo.   Why is the Hong Kong Tea Expo a […]

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Tea Directory

16 Jul 2014

Thought it would be helpful, win win situation for us to list our site on a Tea Directory, and vice-versa. Here it goes: Vicony Tea Directory, a niche tea directory, created for people in the tea industry

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Fresh Air and Green Hills

30 Jun 2014

  Yesterday, a friend invited us to her family’s farm in Bukti Tinggi. Bukit Tinggi is about 20 minutes drive from the edge of Kuala Lumpur city.   The farm has supplies of vegetable and a fish pond (to breed tilapia). We took the opportunity to pluck some vegetable off the ground and eat them […]

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Malaysian International Food and Beverage Fair (MiFB) 2014

20 Jun 2014

  MiFB is currently happening now, at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.  We went to have a tour yesterday, to see what is new in the market.                         We are glad to know that Malaysia has ramped up their innovation of food technology. Previously, we […]

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Coffee, Tea and Dessert Exhibition

10 Jun 2014

  Over the weekend, we attended the Coffee, Tea and Dessert Exhibition in town. It was held in KL Tower. KL Tower is one of the main tourist attraction in town. It has a viewing gallery on top, where you get the view of the entire KL city area.   At the event, which is […]

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Bangkok ThaiFex 2014

26 May 2014

  We recently made a trip to Bangkok, where the annual ThaiFex (Thai Food Exhibition) was held. It was a joint exhibition of food, coffee and tea and food services.   Coming here reminds me of my trip to Japan last year. The bigger Thai players put in a lot of effort into the packaging […]

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Farm Visit (Practising Natural Farming)

12 May 2014

  We visited a farm in Pahang, which practises natural farming method. How is organic farm different from natural farming? Basically, organic farming has more rules and regulations, compared to natural farming. One thing similar is, both do not use chemicals and pesticides.         Unripe watermelon             […]

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Tastefully Food & Beverage 2014

09 May 2014

We always make it a point to visit local exhibitions. It is important to know what is new in the market. I am happy to see that there are more products, leaning towards wellness, rather than the usual ‘junk’ food.   An interesting booth here. Korean oyster! Heck, I even saw a stall selling oyster […]

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Make A Difference (MAD) Incubator Third Startup at PJH

29 Apr 2014

I have known Andrew Wong, the CEO of MAD Incubator for more than 2 years now. He is very passionate about entrepreneurship, and thus, I support him for events, whenever possible.   Whenever there are events that I see related to my Lemon Grass and Misai Kucing Tea business, I will attend and network. After […]

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Singapore Food and Hotel Asia

13 Apr 2014

  We recently made a day trip to Singapore Food and Hotel Asia (FHA). The event is held every 2 years, thus, for those in the industry, it is a MUST go. It was held in Singapore Expo.   We didn’t plan on going, as we took part in Malaysia International Halal Showcase (MIHAS). However, […]

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Learnings from Taiwanese Entpreneurs

30 Mar 2014

Recently, a group of Taiwanese Entrepeneurs, made a trip to Malaysia. They are looking to expand to Malaysia, thus considering the countries in South East Asia.   Lim Soon Heng (Producer of BFM), briefing the panel before the session starts   While they were here, MAD Incubator, invited them to share their experiences of starting […]

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Tea Expo at Viva Mall, Kuala Lumpur

28 Mar 2014

We always make it a point to visit tea expo in town. It is important to know what is in the market and network with those in the industry.   Saw someone I know, having a booth. He imports tea from Japan, to be supplied to corporates here. Love the taste of 100% natural tea […]

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Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) Seminar in Kuala Lumpur

14 Mar 2014

A few of my business owner friends shared with me that HKTDC is one of the more active Trade Development Council in town, compared to other countries.   HKTDC is equivalent to our Malaysian MATRADE. Yesterday, they had seminar at one of the 5 star hotels in town, to showcase how Hong Kong is an […]

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Singapore Trip (Coffee and Tea Expo 2014)

10 Mar 2014

  Made a trip to Singapore last week, to visit the Coffee and Tea Expo in Marina Bay Sands. The event was participated by Coffee and Tea merchants and a few exhibitors on baking products.   It was interesting to note the different products in the market, such as the ones below. It is always […]

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Organic Farm Visit

03 Mar 2014

  I love the idea of eating directly from the farm, especially vegetables. I never had the chance, though. The only fresh fruit or vegetable I have eaten so far is Mango, harvested from my Dad’s tree. I really love the taste. So sweet and succulent.   Yesterday, I had the chance to eat vegetable, […]

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