Hong Kong Tea Expo 2015

19 Aug 2015

In order to understand and get to know the market better, we always make it a point to attend tea exhibitions around the world. It is very important for us to know the current market trend. Rhymba Hills have just recently returned from Hong Kong, where the annual Tea Fair took place at Hong Kong […]

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Continuous Learning with BFM Takeaway 2015

02 Aug 2015

BFM recently has its inaugural conference which focuses on the Food and Beverage (F&B) Industry. I thought it was great to be able to learn and listen to the veterans on what they had learnt along their journey. I even met a few friends, whom I considered to be very successful in the F&B scene. […]

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Give Blood, Save Lives 2

22 Jun 2015

We believe that charity and community service is a must for businesses. After all, profits are generated from community, and thus, to us, we should give back in terms of time, money and expertise.   Last weekend marked the second year in a row, where we took part and helped to organise a Blood Donation […]

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World Tea Expo 2015 (Long Beach, California)

13 May 2015

  The World Tea Expo has been held annually for more than 10 years. It brought together everyone in the tea industry – vendors, strategists, researchers, producers, owners and those who love tea. To us, this was the only expo in the world that talks about tea seriously. Other exhibitions that we’ve been to, mainly […]

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MIHAS 2015

09 Apr 2015

MIHAS (Malaysian International Halal Showcase) 2015 was once again held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC).   It is an event organised by the Malaysian government to match buyers and sellers of Halal products. In 2013, the Halal industry in the world is deemed to be USD2.3 trillion. And the number grows every year.   […]

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Singapore International Coffee and Tea Expo

09 Apr 2015

We always make it a point to visit international expos, to have current market insights, and be in touch with the industry.   Recently, we made a trip to Singapore, to visit their annual ICT Expo, held at Marina Bay Sands.   The expo this year, compared to last year is much smaller. Hmm…what is […]

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The Story Exchange - Exclusively for Women Enterpreneurs Around the World

16 Dec 2014

I came across the website for The Story Exchange while I was browsing through the internet. The Story Exchange is a non-profit media organization that is invested to tell the stories of often overlooked business women. It believes that many women are active in business and entrepreneurship but felt that the voice given to these […]

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Senior Expo, Kuala Lumpur

11 Oct 2014

  This year was the inaugural expo for Senior Citizens. As expected, they showcased products and services for the needs of senior citizens. Examples are wheelchair, diapers, screening centre for heart, and multi vitamins.   We actually expected to see services by bereavement companies and a bit of financial planning products. Research has shown that […]

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BFM Breakaway 2014

22 Sep 2014

BFM is a radio station in Malaysia. BFM stands for ‘Business FM’.  When I am driving, I will only tune into BFM during the weekdays, and on weekends, I listen to something else.  (Since they are a business station, their music selection is not to my liking)   The registration counter. The Malaysian time, where […]

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Halfest 2014

05 Sep 2014

  Halfest is a yearly event, where Halal market players from Malaysia, will gather to showcase their products. Since this is more of a localised event, there were hardly any international exhibitors, except for a handful middle eastern exhibitors. This year, the event was held at Mines Exhibition and Convention Centre.   And as Malaysia […]

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Hong Kong Tea Expo 2014

19 Aug 2014

Every year, we make it a point to go to Hong Kong, to attend the Tea Expo. And what makes it more interesting, is, there are 3 other Expos running concurrently at the same event – Food Expo, Home Deco Expo and Traditional Chinese Medicine Expo.   Why is the Hong Kong Tea Expo a […]

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Tea Directory

16 Jul 2014

Thought it would be helpful, win win situation for us to list our site on a Tea Directory, and vice-versa. Here it goes: Vicony Tea Directory, a niche tea directory, created for people in the tea industry

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Fresh Air and Green Hills

30 Jun 2014

  Yesterday, a friend invited us to her family’s farm in Bukti Tinggi. Bukit Tinggi is about 20 minutes drive from the edge of Kuala Lumpur city.   The farm has supplies of vegetable and a fish pond (to breed tilapia). We took the opportunity to pluck some vegetable off the ground and eat them […]

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Malaysian International Food and Beverage Fair (MiFB) 2014

20 Jun 2014

  MiFB is currently happening now, at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.  We went to have a tour yesterday, to see what is new in the market.                         We are glad to know that Malaysia has ramped up their innovation of food technology. Previously, we […]

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Coffee, Tea and Dessert Exhibition

10 Jun 2014

  Over the weekend, we attended the Coffee, Tea and Dessert Exhibition in town. It was held in KL Tower. KL Tower is one of the main tourist attraction in town. It has a viewing gallery on top, where you get the view of the entire KL city area.   At the event, which is […]

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