We were recently invited by Watsons Malaysia to do product sharing at their Headquaters in downtown Kuala Lumpur. It was part of their initiative in conjunction with having better online visibility.

Making a point?

The session was attended by Watsons staff, who are keen to know how to use natural herbal infusion, such as Rhymba Hills tea, to have better sleep, digestion, and overall better health. Also in attendance was Jessica Ng, the Chief Customer Officer.

Sampling time!

At the of the sharing session, we had a fun Question & Answer session,  where the staff who could answer questions correctly, were given prizes.

Presenting Gift to Winner

We definitely enjoyed ourselves, knowing that we helped to reach out to more people about the benefits of herbal infusion, as we realised that many people are still unaware of the differences between tea and herbal infusions.

Receiving goodies from Jessica Ng


Recently we were invited to participate at a weekend market at Desa Park City. It was our first time there.


Our booth


Desa Park City is a relatively new township, and it is always frequented by young families. So we decided to accept the invitation to have a booth there.

It was a great event, talking to new customers and meeting old customers.


With Sharon, a friend whom dropped by

And as usual, we always have fun, serving our herbal infusion, and sharing about our lemongrass, bentong ginger, pandan, etc.


International Yoga Day falls on June 21 every year. The idea was started only recently in 2014 by Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi during his speech at the UNGA, on 27 September 2014.


The practice of Yoga originated from India, and it is a practice of physical, mental and spiritual. With the spread to the Western countries, more and more people embrace Yoga and have been reaping the benefits of Yoga.


Thus, with this, we were invited to take part in this event, Art of Wellness, in conjunction with International Yoga Day. During this event, there were complimentary classes by various yoga centres, which included sound healing, making of prebiotics, etc


We also served our cold brew Roselle tea, which is only made available during events.


Since we have been working with Dignity (centre for underpriviledged refugee children and local children) for quite some time, we decided to collaborate with them, to help them increase their awareness.

Dignity x Rhymba Hills Tea Bag

We purchased the bags from them (they sew the bags) and for every Dignity x Rhymba Hills bags sold, RM10 is donated to Dignity.


With a Happy Customer

All in all, we had a good event, participating and spreading about the benefits of healthy living.




We are part of a Food & Beverage (F&B) group, F&B Connects Malaysia. This platform serves to be a one stop centre for all those in the F&B industry.

Although we do not have a shop nor cafe, we are part of the F&B supply chain. We supply our herbal infusion to cafes in Klang Valley. Thus, decided to be part of this group, to know the pulse of the industry and for networking purposes.

Before the Event Started


Friends Who Came For the Event

Attending to One of the Guests

With the Speakers. From left: Dato Marcus (Nexus Productivity), Ciinndey, Linda (Ambon Boenda Layer Cakes), Ivy Hew (F&B Connects Malaysia), Dhid Bonsoombat (Bangkok Iron Chef), William (KM Land Group) 

We were given the opportunity to showcase our products to share about the market for herbal infusion.

It was great to be able to listen to the sharings of the Bangkok Iron Chef, about the Dos and Donts of running an F&B Business, and also to meet the owners of F&B outlets.


Recently, we were invited by Planet Pharmacy Sdn Bhd, which operates Mplus, a natural food and supplements shop, to take part in their 5th Anniversary celebration.

For us, it is always a pleasure to support our distributors, to go to the ground and engage with our customers. It is a joy when we meet customers, who express delight and satisfaction, because they have been consuming our Rhymba Hills Tea, and they have been benefiting from our tea, be it better sleep, weight loss, or better digestion.

Although the event lasted for 2 days, we could only manage one of the days, due to our other commitment.

Our Rhymba Hills Lemongrass Blend is usually our top seller, as many urban folks are not able to get good night sleep (mainly due to work stress). And the best part of our products is, they are all caffeine free, thus, customers can drink the soothing drink, at any time of the day, without the fear of any caffeine repercussions.

We also had fun, meeting other vendors, shared experiences and talk about possible further collaboration. All in all, it was a fruitful event!


Over the weekend, we took part in the lifestyle bazaar in downtown Kuala Lumpur, aptly named Riuh. Riuh happens every month, and it was held in APW, Bangsar over Saturday and Sunday from 11am – 10pm. Riuh showcases Pop Up Stores of Food & Beverage, Lifestyle items, Arts and also activities for families.

Riuh (pronounced as Ri-yoh) originates from a Malay word, meaning roaring and noisy.

Entrance to RIUH

It was our first time taking part in Riuh, and we managed to meet new faces, new customers and engage with visitors.

With Our Happy Customer!

Even our Malaysian Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak, made an impromptu visit with his family, to show his support towards local entrepreneurs in the various scene.

There were also live bands through out the day and night, making it a lively and fun for all event.

The wet weather did not even damper the mood and crowd!

It was definitely a ‘Riuh’ event!

Part of the Deco, for this month’s theme, Safari in the City


Another Happy Customer



We were recently invited to participate in Maple Food Market at Great Eastern Mall, Jalan Ampang.

We used to participate in this food bazaar a few years back, but due to our busy schedule, we have not been participating.

Thus, when we were invited for this round, we decided to participate, to also connect to
old customers and reach out to new customers.

Customer with her Purchase

It is always nice to see customers coming to say hi and also to bump into old friends.

Also, we took this opportunity to share our Cold Brew Ceylon Cinnamon Blend (it was so DELICIOUS that it was sold out everyday!)

Customer with the Cold Brew Tea


Another happy customer!

Until then, look forward to the next event!


In conjunction with International Women’s Day, which falls on March 8, The Star organised WOW, to bring in female entrepreneurs to showcase their products, and also invited well known female entrepreneurs to share about their journey.


The event this year was held in Starling Mall, a relatively new mall in Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya. We wanted to take part in this event, to show our support towards the cause of women do wonders.


There were more than 150 booths, thus, the place was bustling with activities throughout the weekend. It was also good opportunity for us to speak to our customers and also engage in a face to face interaction with them

Our booth

2 days were filled with activities

With Happy Customers

We also enjoyed the talks very much, which featured well known figures like Christy Ng (CEO of,  Tunku Mona Riza (Film Director, Redha), Jenn Low (Founder of Wanderlust + Co), Dahlia Nadirah (Founder of SO.LEK), Kavitha Sidhu & Roberto Gulati (Actress & Geologist), Timothy Tiah & Audrey Ooi (Entrepreneur & Blogger), Linora Low (Radio host & Fitness Personality) among others.

Each of these speakers  shared very personal experiences, both in their lives and business. Most of the time, these experiences are not published in the media. Thus, it was valuable to listen to their personal sharing.


Kudos to The Star, for organising such an event, bringing together vendors, and well known figures, to celebrate together Women Do Wonders!

Ongoing Talk



With Christy Ng

With Linora Low

With Dahlia Nadirah

With Kavitha Sidhu & Roberto Gulati

With Jenn Low

With Timothy Tiah & Audrey Ooi

With Tunku Mona Riza


We started off the year with a bang by doing Sampling at one of our partners’ supermarket, B.I.G supermarket.


For those who are in the Food  & Beverage industry, continuous sampling is a must, to keep us and our brand relevant.


Even big brands like ‘Golden Arches’ are still doing Advertising & Promotion, what about us, a beginner to the industry.

An elderly customer showing interest


Father and Daughter Team



Apart from samplings in the supermarket, we were also invited to share about our tea with a group of ladies at a jewelry sharing. The theme of the sharing was learning about ‘Pearls’. Here, we also learned about Pearls, how to differentiate between real Pearls and farmed Pearls.

With Angie Ng, owner of Angie Jewels & Co, an expert in jewelry and Pearls

Thus, we look forward to more sharings and collaboration!

Bring it on 2018!


Last weekend, we collaborated with an activewear company, Ash Be Nimble, when they had their Christmas sale (yes, Christmas came early!)

Attending to Customers


We wanted to reach out to individuals who lead an active lifestyle and prefer beverage which is tasty yet sugar free and caffeine free.

Individuals who work out a lot, usually suffer from muscle cramps (due to loss of minerals and other nutrients). Our beverage, especially the lemongrass blends, help to sooth the sore muscles, thus, quickens the recovery process.

Also, it is always a joy to meet new customers who are looking for beverage which is healthy, tasty and helps with their minor health issues.

We also made friends with other vendors and are in the midst of forging collaborations.