Rhymba Hills Exquisite Mooncake Set



It’s the time of the year, Mid-Autumn festival, where we gift mooncakes to family, friends and loved ones, near and far. The Mid-Autumn festival is not just about food, but it is a deeply engrained Chinese tradition, symbolizing togetherness and love with people who matter most to us.

This year, we decided to take a step further, and personalise the gift by engraving name of the recipient on the gift pack. So this beautiful, handcrafted wooden gift pack is both insta-worthy and has multi purpose usage too! It is also in line with the values of our company, to be as zero waste as much as possible.


Rhymba Hills Mooncake Wooden Carrier Side View


Rhymba Hills Mooncake Wooden Carrier Drawers Open

Traditionally baked to perfection, we have 2 sets of Mooncakes to choose from. The Classic set is to suit everyone, and the Exquisite set, is for the more discerning recipients, who want a more curated and unique mooncakes.

Exquisite Set  (RM168 with name engraving, maximum 10 characters)

  • Premium hand crafted wooden drawer box with movable handle
  • Halal Premium Bamboo Charcoal Black Sesame (180g) x 1
  • Halal Premium Gouji White Lotus Mooncake (170g) x 1
  • Rhymba Hills® Java Tea Blend 10 sachets x 1 box
  • Rhymba Hills® Sampler Pack 10 sachets x 1 box

*** Each set comes with a hand-written note card. Please leave your message in the Note section on the checkout page

🚖Courier date commencement: September 1, 2022

☘️Free delivery if purchase above 5 sets, delivered to the same address (we will manually reimburse delivery fee of RM8 to your bank account)


Exquisite Set with Name Engraving, Exquisite Set without Name Engraving