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After consuming your (Rhymba Hills®) Lemongrass Blend tea ,
Day 1 : I can sleep longer and deeper, 3-5 hours ; feel fresh after wake up.
Day 2 : I can sleep straight 5 hours and wake up awhile and continue sleep 2 more hours until morning.
Before consuming your tea, I only can sleep 2 hours (even though I sleep at 7-8pm because too tired of sleepless nights for a few months). I will automatically wake up then can’t sleep anymore until next day morning.
Thank you for your (Rhymba Hills®) Lemongrass Blend tea for helping me with my sleep issues!!! ?

Ayris Lim

Genius Mind Academy, Bandar Utama, Selangor, Malaysia

After drinking Rhymba Hill’s Lemon Grass Tea, I feel so much lighter as it has a mild laxative effect for regular defecation and cleansing. Now I do not feel so tired and have more energy for my favourite activities. Also, Misai Kucing Tea helps me with my digestion after a heavy meal.

Wern Hsia

Public Listed Company, Selangor

After drinking Rhymba Hill’s Lemon Grass Tea, I managed to move my bowel more regularly. Also my complexion is now smoother.

Krisz Leow

PA to Foreign Ambassador,
Kuala Lumpur

A cup of Rhymba Hill’s Misai Kucing Tea every night, helps me feel more relaxed after a tired day.

Christina Siow

Entrepreneur, Seremban

I tried Rhymba Hill’s Lemon Grass Tea and Misai Kucing Tea for the first time and had immediate effect. I always have wind in my stomach and after drinking Lemon Grass Tea, I started to expel the gas. Misai Kucing helped me to get rid of my constipation in almost 24 hours. The next morning, I could move by bowel with ease.

Andrew Wong

Founder of MAD Incubator Sdn Bhd,
Kuala Lumpur

Hi Ciinndey

The Misai Kucing Tea you gave me that day.

A good friend of mine was migrating to US and she has serious gout issues.

So I gave it to her first…and she messaged me from US.

After 3 sachets in 3 days, she felt a big difference in her gout condition!

Definitely will buy more!

Lim Peng Khoon, Malaysia