About Us

Vision Statement

To supply 100% natural Malaysian herbal tea to the world, and embed in the mind of tea drinkers globally that Malaysia has quality tea to offer and to create awareness that tea without sugar and caffeine can be tasty!

About Us

Rhymba Hills®  was set up to deliver only the best herbal tea which nature can offer

To complement its tea, we only use non-bleached bags and each sachet is individually sealed in aluminum to maintain its freshness. As such, not only is it perfect as your afternoon cuppa, but each Rhymba Hills® tea box is ideal as a gift to someone who appreciates quality health beverage.

All Rhymba Hills® tea are packed in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified factory, boasting National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (NPCB) which emphasises highest hygiene and quality control possible. Thus, you can be assured that you are drinking tea which are packed under stringent controls.

At Rhymba Hills® we pride in doing business with ethics and integrity, ie we believe in doing the right things. As such we believe in only using 100% natural and the highest quality tea possible, sourced from the northern parts of Malaysia, where the water originates from the limestone mountains.

Rhymba Hills® is available at your nearest organic shop, and certain spas. We have also successfully penetrated into the Singapore market.

About The Founder

Ciinndey Wong has been in the health and wellness industry for more than 11 years. An accountant by qualification, Ciinndey developedhealth issues due to poor lifestyle. Then, her lifestyle was fast food 3 times a week, supper every night, and soda drinks daily. Exercise was not in her vocabulary.


As a result she was overweight, face full of pimples, constantly tired, faced self esteem issues and very low self confidence. Fed up of her situation, she left the Accounting industry in 2003 to pursue a more meaningful career in health and wellness and also for self development. In the process, she lost 18kg and has ever since maintained the weight loss.

In 2011, she saw a gap in the Malaysian Tea industry. Malaysia has abundance of good quality tea. Why is there no industry leader? The current players in the market have poor packaging, giving a very ‘cottage-industry’ feel.


Thus, she decided to set up Abundance Living Enterprise. Under this company, she created Rhymba Hills®, a range of Malaysian, natural tea, to stamp a mark on the world map. Her vision is to embed Rhymba Hills® in the mind of tea drinkers globally, that Malaysia has wonderful and quality tea to offer. She started to supply to the local organic shops in Klang Valley.

Business started to take off in 2014, and she converted the company to Ladang Sari International Sdn. Bhd. Her big break came when she managed to penetrate into Singapore and Hong Kong (through a distributor). Currently, she is working on Australia and London.

And the story continues…


Corporate Social Responsibilities

At Rhymba Hills®, we believe in the cycle of life and business. That part of the earnings of the company should go back to the community, particularly to groups of community where less attention is given.

As such Rhymba Hills®, has chosen to donate parts of its earnings to ‘Malaysia National Movement Disorders Society (MNMDS).

Why MNMDS and not other organizations? Many take our ability to move physically forgranted until we are stricken by illnesses which inhibits our movement. Illnesses like Parkinson’s, Dystonia and Ataxia robs the sufferer of a normal life and such illnesses lack publicity of other terminal illnesses like cancer and heart attack.

The founder’s Mother, was stricken with Parkinson’s since 2007 and she witnessed her Mother slowly wasting her life away. From a cheerful lady, her Mother soon had mask-like expression and began to lose certain functions of her body due to the illness.

As such, Ciinndey pledged to raise awareness about the debilitating effects of this monstrous disease by donating part of the earnings to MNMDS.

Update: February 22, 2014

MNMDS had its Extraordinary General Meeting today, and with a heavy heart, was concluded that the society will be delisted with effect from today. Part of the reasons for delisting include lack of funding and manpower

As such, as part of our CSR pledge, we will continue to look for deserving local non-governmental organisation to support.

Update: August 29, 2014

We have always had the environment and community in mind, to be self sustaining and to leave as little carbon foot print as possible. Thus, when Green Valley approached us for help, we gladly did… (click here to continue)

Update: July 1, 2015

We always believe in long term working relationships. We have recently agreed to work with an NGO in Sentul, Klang Valley, which emphasizes on the educational needs for children from disadvantaged background. A (child name protected for privacy) who is 7 years old is underperforming compared to his peers. Thus, we are sponsoring A’s (child name protected for privacy) tuition fees for personal tutoring, to help him to fulfill his potential.