Vision Statement

To supply 100% natural Malaysian herbal tea to the world, and embed in the mind of tea drinkers globally that Malaysia has quality tea to offer and to create awareness that tea without sugar and caffeine can be tasty!

Why Herbal Infusion? Why no Sugar? Why no Caffeine?

Rhymba Hills® founder, Ciinndey Wong, has always have interest in health and wellness since her high school days. Her ambition as a high school student was to become a doctor, to help people get well. However, Physics and Additional Mathematics weren’t her strengths and she bid farewell to becoming a doctor. Instead, she went on to study Accounting.

Fast forward to after entering corporate life upon graduation, she felt that something was missing. She knew that her calling was in health and wellness.
During one of her outing with friends at night, she realised that many eateries only serve coffee and the usual herbal infusion – chamomile and peppermint. Being caffeine intolerant, she got so frustrated that she has no other hot beverage to consume, besides chamomile and peppermint. And that is where sometimes she just resorts to plain water! (out of boredom and frustration!)

This is where her AHA moment came in. Malaysia is blessed with abundance of herbal plants – lemongrass, ginger, pandan, etc. Why not create a product for consumers who are caffeine intolerant like her? More and more consumers are becoming health conscious. Why not make the product sugar free, caffeine free, with no artificial flavours, colouring and preservatives? The market is flooded with too much sugar, and sugar is the culprit to many health problems. Many are looking for beverage which are sugar free and caffeine free but are limited by options.

In 2011, Rhymba Hills® was born, due to gap in the market, due to frustration of having lack of hot herbal infusion beverage to consume in the market.

About The Founder

Ciinndey Wong has been in the health and wellness industry for more than 11 years. An accountant by qualification, Ciinndey developed health issues due to poor lifestyle. Then, her lifestyle was fast food 3 times a week, supper every night, and soda drinks daily. Exercise was not in her vocabulary.

As a result she was overweight, face full of pimples, constantly tired, faced self esteem issues and very low self confidence. Fed up of her situation, she left the Accounting industry in 2003 to pursue a more meaningful career in health and wellness and also for self development. In the process, she lost 18kg and has ever since maintained the weight loss.

In 2011, she saw a gap in the Malaysian Tea industry. Malaysia has abundance of good quality tea. Why is there no industry leader? The current players in the market have poor packaging, giving a very ‘cottage-industry’ feel.

Thus, she decided to set up Abundance Living Enterprise. Under this company, she created Rhymba Hills®, a range of Malaysian, natural tea, to stamp a mark on the world map. Her vision is to embed Rhymba Hills® in the mind of tea drinkers globally, that Malaysia has wonderful and quality tea to offer. She started to supply to the local organic shops in Klang Valley.

Business started to take off in 2014, and she converted the company to Ladang Sari International Sdn. Bhd. Her big break came when she managed to penetrate into Singapore and Hong Kong (through a distributor). Currently, she is working on Australia and London.

And the story continues…