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Recently we were featured on Vulcan Post, Southeast Asia’s fastest growing digital lifestyle portal.

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GuangMing March 8 2017 web

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Thank you Malaysia SME for featuring an article about us.


Malaysia SME Rhymba Hills


Malaysia SME featured Rhymba Hills® on its 186 Issue (June 25th – July 8th 2016) and branded Rhymba Hills® as the leader for the tea wave set to happen in Malaysia. As it is in the United States, Australia and Europe, Malaysia will be soon be hit with the tea trend in the next two to three years. Based on the statistic, the second most consumed beverage next to water is tea.

In the United States, the Ready to Drink (RTD) tea accounts for USD45.7 billion in 2016. In Europe, the numbers are lesser (at USD24 billion) but it has been steadily growing with consumers looking for high value specialty teas. This is especially obvious with young consumers themselves seeking for innovative and healthy teas that will enable them to experience an authentic taste.

In terms of positioning, teas hold a healthy stance. This is further supported with influencers who uses tea as a ‘beauty drink’ as a replacement to sugary and sweetened beverages. Growing health awareness and consciousness also help in boosting specialty teas in the market allowing it grow at 21.6 billion in 2016 in the food industry.

As more and more people become health conscious, caffeine and sugar filled beverages will be replaced and that is when they will seek healthier options such as the herbal tea infusions. These tea infusions serve as a ‘tea with purpose’ with functional benefit of boosting energy, help to ease stress, promote relaxation, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidising. According Foodservice Analyst, Caleb Bryant, in 2016, the breakout ingredient was turmeric and it has been used for many specialty teas.

In Malaysia, Rhymba Hills® is the only company catering to these changes in food trend and awareness. With our own variety of herbal infusion blend, we are confident that when the wave of healthy tea and infusion hit Malaysia, we are ready to help more people enjoy a healthier lifestyle.


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Enjoy the podcast of this BFM89.90 Rhymba Hills Live Interview!


In the News (Vicony Tea Directory,a niche tea directory,created for people in the tea industry.) (ViconyTeas,the Chinese tea manufacturer,organic tea supplier & exporter,manufactures and exports chun mee green tea,keemun black tea and tea powder)

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Ginger has been consumed for many decades by folks all over the world, particularly in Asia, both as spice and medicine.


Many studies have suggested that increasing consumption of plant foods like ginger decreases the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and overall mortality while promoting healthy complexion and hair, increased in energy and overall lowers weight. It is excellent for those who are feeling cold and to ward off flu.


Most of the time, fresh ginger purchased from the wet market comes from neighbouring Asian countries. Folks will just cut the ginger into a few slices and simmer for a few hours. The ginger drink is then consumed hot.


With this awareness, ‘Ginger Powder’ is now available in the market. This is particularly useful for busy people, either to make a quick ginger drink, or to just add to their cooking.


Unfortunately, many of these ‘Ginger Powder’ brands in the market are filled with fillers, to keep the cost down. What are these fillers? Mainly rice flour and green pea powder. Some also choose to consume their Ginger Drink from instant Ginger Tea available from the local store. If one were to look at the ingredient list, it is normally added with sugar, to make it more affordable, less spicy and palatable.


This is where we see the gap in the market. We, at Rhymba Hills® only want QUALITY and PURE products. NO sugar, fillers or additives.  Only the best that the market has to offer.


And we decided we want to market the humble yet powerful ginger. The best place to grow ginger in Malaysia is in Bentong, Pahang (due to its rich soil). Thus, we source our ginger from Bentong, Pahang from ethical farmers, who only supply 100% Bentong ginger, and not mixed with ginger from other sources. Majority of ginger sourced from other countries have high levels of pesticides.


So, what are the Benefits of Bentong Ginger?

–    Helps to ward off flu, arthritis, cold
–    Relieves pain (back pain, chest pain, stomach pain)
–    Helps with persistent respiratory issues
–    Relieves nausea
–    Helps to regulate appetite (for those suffering from loss of appetite)
–    Helps to reduce risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease
–    Increases metabolism, especially for those constantly feeling cold
–    Helps to prevent colon cancer

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Through word of mouth(the best form of marketing), a friend connected me to a journalist. The journalist from Kosmo! was looking for someone to write up on organic and healthy lifestyle.


I lead quite a healthy lifestyle, using only non-toxic products for household and personal care. I try to eat organic food where possible. I do not eat fast food. Of course, I indulge once in a while 🙂












Featured in Kosmo papers, January 1, 2013


One thing led to another. Then MHI wanted to do a feature story on healthy living too. So I was interviewed by TV3









Featured on TV3, Malaysia Hari Ini, January 3, 2013



I thoroughly enjoyed both the Kosmo and TV3 interview, as I enjoy sharing my passion for healthy living. Of course, one of the ways is to enjoy my Lemon Grass and Misai Kucing Tea on a daily basis 🙂