Bulk Herbal Tea

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Where to Buy Bulk Herbal Tea?

Are you looking for a bulk herbal tea supplier, exporter or manufacturer? Are you a tea importer,  wholesaler or retailer looking for good quality herbal tea blends?

At Rhymba Hills Tea, our mission is to supply 100% natural Malaysian herbal infusion tea to the world. We want to embed in the mind of tea drinkers globally that Malaysia has quality tea to offer and to create awareness that tea without sugar and caffeine can be tasty!

We can supply you with bulk herbal tea bags, each with our natural and tasty blends. If you are also looking for unique herbal infusion tea beverages, then you have come to the right place.

Some of our available natural herbal infusion tea blends are:

Java Tea (Locally known as Misai Kucing)

Ceylon Cinnamon



Bentong Ginger

Kaffir Lime Leaves

We can supply our herbal tea leaves in the form of loose tea bags, sachets or in finely ground powder form.

These unique and natural herbs are only found in the tropics and some are indigenious to their local region. For centuries, the original settlers of Malaya used these traditional herbs to successfully cure ailments such as bloatedness, indigestion, detox, and many more.

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Online Enquiry

Kindly submit your enquiry using the online form below:

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