Bizstart 2013

I am deeply indebted to Andrew Wong, the CEO of MAD Incubator Sdn Bhd for helping along in this entrepreneur journey of mine.


Thus, whenever he asks me to share about my journey, I will not turn him down (so far) as I see it as an opportunity to other entrepreneur wanna be and also to thank him for helping me.


Yesterday and today was Bizstart 2013 held in MSC Knowledge Development Centre in Cyberjaya. It was 2 full days of workshops, by coaches, trainers, and gurus. Best of all, it was F.REE!



The beautiful venue, MSC KDC, Cyberjaya




Picture time!



From left: Benson (TableApp), Hanim (dLoop), Myself, Vence (Boardgame), Andrew Wong


What was my learning from this Bizstart (apart from the sharing during Panel Discussion)?  I need to be in the correct community/ecosystem long enough, so that when the time is right, Rhymba Hills(R) is remembered and connected with.

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