Go for Real Food

Almost every weekend, I frequent this morning market, and this stall. I purchase big onions from here. To a certain extent, I avoid wet market in buildings. Perhaps the hassle of finding a carpark ?


Anyway, I observe that this stall sells quite a huge volume of luncheon meat, particularly the ones from Singapore.


I used to be a lover of this too, until I realised how much chemicals are added into the product.


From then on (about 5/6 years) now, I have stopped eating this.


I guess I am on a quest to remind people to eat healthy as we are responsible for our own health. And eating healthy means avoiding processed and preserved food as much as possible.


Many a times people ask me what made me started the tea business. Answer is to let people know that leading a healthy lifestyle is easy and fun. That is why I decided to start off with Lemon Grass Tea first, a very common plant in Asia for many years

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