Hong Kong Tea Expo 2014

Every year, we make it a point to go to Hong Kong, to attend the Tea Expo. And what makes it more interesting, is, there are 3 other Expos running concurrently at the same event – Food Expo, Home Deco Expo and Traditional Chinese Medicine Expo.


Why is the Hong Kong Tea Expo a MUST go for tea enthusiasts? Apart from the number of exhibitors here (much more compared to Singapore and Bangkok Expo), China and India are the world’s largest tea exporters (i.e. it is like going to the home country)


Part of the crowd


Yours Truly at the very ‘Zen-like’ Tea Gallery


What did we observe at this year’s Expo? More and more players coming into the tea industry. And what is more interesting is, the design and packing of the tea is more and more sophisticated and not so mainstream, compared to 5 years ago.


Also, we noticed there is very little tea, targetting at health benefits. Most teas are designed to please the palette. This is where Rhymba Hills is different. It is designed to meet the 2 objectives – health and taste.


We are very excited on Hong Kong and looking forward to making more trip to this vibrant and exciting country.

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