Inhouse Multinational Company Health Roadshow

This year, is our second time participating in an inhouse health roadshow.


We are always thankful to companies who take the time and effort to look into the well-being of their employees. There were basic health check, fitness check, stress test, health food on sale and of course, our healthy and aromatic Bentong Ginger, Lemongrass, Misai Kucing and Pandanus and Lemongrass blend.



Our Bentong Ginger was a hot sale, as many have not tasted extra spicy ginger without sugar. Many also asked, what are the difference between Bentong Ginger and normal ginger?


Here are the differences between Rhymba Hills Bentong Ginger and other brands of normal ginger:

– Bentong Ginger is much more spicy and aromatic due to its fertile soil

– Bentong ginger warms up the body much faster compared to normal ginger

– Does not contain chemical and pesticide

– We are the only brand in the market to pack Bentong ginger slices in sachets for convenience when moving around


So, drop us an email at to know when is our next event!

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