Kuala Lumpur International Trade Forum (KLITF)


Attended KLITF today, where we had key note speakers talking about the world economy.


My take home message? SMEs, like me, due to the changing world and economy have an opportunity to make an impact, just by finding our niche. There is no need to fight with the big players. And too often, the big players are too big to manoeuvre to be flexible enough to accommodate to the rapid changing economy.


I really believe that Rhymba Hills will soon be a well known, Malaysian herbal tea brand in the tea world as herbal tea supplier. With so many people turning towards health and wellness, especially tea, more and more people are joining the tea bandwagon.


And those who have diabetes, gout, rheumatism, indigestion, will be able to manage their health better just by drinking Rhymba Hills.



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