Organic Farm Visit

I love the idea of eating directly from the farm, especially vegetables. I never had the chance, though. The only fresh fruit or vegetable I have eaten so far is Mango, harvested from my Dad’s tree. I really love the taste. So sweet and succulent.


Yesterday, I had the chance to eat vegetable, directly from the farm. When I say direct, I mean, pull out the vegetable from the soil, wash it and eat it.


If you haven’t experienced so, I suggest you do. The vegetable is so sweet and crisp. It is so wonderful to be able to appreciate what Mother Nature has to offer.



Having our lunch, before the farm visit. Love the kitchen. Clay oven, clay kitchen top.



My organic, vegetarian lunch – ‘nai pak’, pumpkin, spinach, lettuce, ‘choy sum’. DELICIOUS. My first time eating such delicious 100% organic vegetarian meal. Very sweet and can taste the full texture of the fruit.



Farm visit, and the owner/farmer, Mr. Ng, plucked ‘choy sum’ for us to eat. We are eating ‘choy sum’


I enjoyed the farm visit very much, because it showed what I believed and envision Rhymba Hills is about. To allow the herbal plant to grow and flourish, using only natural resources, and at the same time, to empower small time farmers to lead better lifestyle.



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