Startup Partners Pitch, Penang

Last year,  I submitted my idea to pitch about my tea business to a group of panelists. Recently, I received email stating that it was approved.

So I made a trip to Penang (since the event was in Penang). It was my first time pitching,  so I was both nervous and excited about it.  Nervous as the panelists maybe very critical,  excited that I have more ideas to work with.

All in all, I think I did quite ok.  Both the panelists and guests gave pointers which I am very grateful for. I am really excited thinking about the possibilities of this business! Yes,  I am heading for the moon!

The pitching venue, Work Palatte, at Pulau Tikus

Yours Truly Pitching

At the end of my pitch, awaiting feedback from panelists

Last, but not least, my short video of introduction…

Please click here to watch – Introduction to Rhymba Hills – Lemon Grass, Misai Kucing Tea

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