Vegetarian Food ?

Met up with a group of people who are trying to eat as healthily as possible. The organizer is a full time vegetarian. However, to my dismay the whole dinner was filled with mock meat.


There are a few reasons why someone decides to become a vegetarian. The common reasons are for health (since meat takes a longer time to digest), for environment (as breeding poultry involves land clearing, and feeding the poultry with grains) and for humanity (no lives taken)


Which category do I belong? I am leaning towards the 3 main reasons. However, when I choose to eat vegetarian meal, I choose to avoid mock meat. Why? They are highly processed, contains loads of chemicals, preservatives and additives to make them tasty. So, to my opinion, why eat mock meat, when the whole objective of being a vegetarian is to be healthy.


Thus, my choice of vegetarian meals are normally either from the economical rice stall or asking the ‘tai chow’ (economical chef at stall) to whip up something without meat 🙂


Of course, when I get back home, I will end my day with a mug of Misai Kucing tea


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