5 Easy Ways to Lose Weight at Home

One of the most common goals listed for New Year’s resolutions is the goal to lose weight. We want to look better in our clothes, feel better about ourselves and have a positive impression on others.

Achieving a healthy weight is also important for our health. Scientific research has shown that overweight and obese individuals are at a greater risk of developing heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke, amongst other diseases.

Therefore, your weight loss goal is beneficial for both your health and your self-confidence.


How Can You Lose Weight Naturally?       



 Losing weight is not an easy thing to do for most people. This is because it involves our daily habits, some of which are hard to break!

As we write this in 2021, Malaysians are faced with recurring lockdowns which are preventing us from going to the gym and to the park. What can we do to lose weight while we are staying at home most of the time?

In this article, we share some tips and guides for you to achieve weight loss naturally at home.

I. Look Into Your Diet Choices

 Rather than going on crash diets for fast results, aim to achieve more sustainable weight loss results by adjusting your diet and eating habits.

You may be wondering what to eat if you aim to lose weight. Here are 3 changes that you can immediately make.

  • Eat More Protein for Weight Loss



The science behind weight loss shows that your body burns more calories when digesting and metabolising protein. It’s also proven that eating a high-protein diet can make you feel fuller for longer.

Therefore, to instil a weight-loss diet, include more protein in your diet. Choose to add good quality proteins like eggs, lean meat, seafood, beans, nuts and seeds at every meal.


  • Reduce or Eliminate Processed Foods

If you often consume processed foods like canned food or packaged sauces, consider making the switch to whole foods. Processed foods have added sugar, salt, fat and food additives to make it taste good and have a longer lifespan on the shelves.

To lose the pounds, eat meals that are made from fresh and raw ingredients. Eating whole foods will ensure that your body absorbs the right nutrients that it needs to function properly.

  • Switch to Healthy Diet and Snacks


If you often order in or eat out, make the switch to homecooked meals or select establishments that serve healthier options. Choosing healthier meal options will reduce the amount of unnecessary salt, sugar, oil or fat that were added to your food.

Used to snacking? Avoid unhealthy snacks with high sodium, sugar or fat content such as potato chips, dessert or ice cream. Replace your snacks with healthy options such as unsalted nuts, vegetables and fruits, or treats with no sugar added.

Remember, if your food comes in a package with a list of ingredients or additives you can’t pronounce, it is a less healthy option. Making smarter diet choices would assist you to lose weight naturally.

II. Eat Smaller Meals Often and Apply Portion Control

To prevent over-bingeing because you’re too hungry, make it a habit to eat smaller meals and snacks throughout the day. During mealtimes, scoop the required amount on your plate so that you could control your meal portion. Resist the temptation of adding more onto your plate as you go along.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Scientists advise us to eat a large breakfast to replenish the body’s energy after 8 hours of fasting while you were asleep.

For lunch, go for a regular portion that’s filled with sufficient carbohydrates, proteins and fibre. Avoid consuming a carb-heavy lunch which might make you feel sleepy as your body expends more energy to digest the meal.

Light dinners are recommended, preferably before 7 p.m. Studies have shown that allowing sufficient time between your dinner and your bedtime increases the fat-burning rate. Having an early dinner enables proper digestion which contributes to natural weight loss.

III. Cut Back on Sugary Beverages

Do you often consume sweetened coffee, tea, canned soda or sugared drinks? If you are serious about weight loss, it’s best to eliminate them altogether. Sweetened beverages often contain sugar which is higher than recommended amounts, especially when you drink many cups a day.

The best drink while aiming to lose weight is H2O, also known as water! Aim to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day so that your body could function well and digest food better.

Other healthy beverages include unsweetened coffee or tea, and vegetable juice instead of fruit juice. You could also opt for herbal infusions with a light and pleasant herbal aroma.

We recommend our Rhymba Hills®  Ceylon Cinnamon Blend and Rhymba Hills® AntyOxy blends. Both of these blends contain Ceylon Cinnamon, an ingredient which is shown to reduce the effects of eating high-fat foods and has an effect on overall weight loss. It lowers your blood sugar levels which helps you control your body weight organically.

IV. Be Active Everyday


 Start incorporating physical exercise (preferably aerobic activity) into your daily routine. Aerobic activity, also known as cardio, is the kind of activity which increases your heart rate and breathing rate.

Experts recommend 30 minutes of moderate aerobic activity 5 to 7 times a week to maintain your health. To achieve your weight loss goal, you may need to exercise more.

Exercising at home is fuss-free and easy because it does not require you to travel. Consider taking regular brisk walks around your neigbourhood, investing in a home gym or following virtual fitness classes.

You could gradually increase your intensity with moderate to higher aerobic activities such as HIIT, running, cycling or dancing which burn more calories.

Developing your muscle mass through strength training or resistance training also supports weigh loss. Muscles add to your metabolic rate, which means you burn more calories while you’re at rest.

V. Get Sufficient Sleep

 You may be surprised to know that having insufficient sleep causes weight gain.

Recall the times when you’re short on sleep – do you crave more coffee, snacks or sugary foods? Is your motivation to exercise lower because of lack of sleep? Chances are you answered “Yes” to both questions.

Your brain works better when you’ve gotten your 8 hours of shut eye each night. If you’re sleep-deprived, your brain makes poorer decisions and has lower impulse control. It also craves “rewards” like feel-good snacks.

In addition, when your body is sleep-deficient, it releases a stress hormone called cortisol which is known to increase your appetite.

In a nutshell, getting enough sleep is crucial for your weight loss journey because it provides you with the willpower to resist cravings and make healthier choices.

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