Bangkok ThaiFex 2014

We recently made a trip to Bangkok, where the annual Thai Food Exhibition (ThaiFex) was held. ThaiFex is known as Asia’s most influential food and beverage, food technology and retail franchise trade show. It was a joint exhibition consisting of food, coffee, tea and food and beverage related services.

ThaiFex celebrated its 10th edition of trade show this year and had increased its space by over 40%. Thailand considered this as the only event that saw a harmony of collaboration between the private and the public sector. ThaiFex is a true international food and beverage event and can be unrivalled with its quality and diversity. This year, it reached a new record breaking success with an increase of 20% overseas exhibitors. Approximately, ThaiFex welcomed over 24,200 local visitors and over 6,350 foreign visitors during this this year’s three days event, making them stand as one of the most important food trade fairs in Asia.

Vice President, Michael Dreyer mentioned that they look to grow ThaiFex in the next decade ‘to bring more outstanding growth […] in quantitative and qualitative volume,’

Making the trip here reminded me a lot of my trip to Japan sometime last year. This time around, Thailand’s big players for the industry placed in great effort to exhibit their designs on packaging as well as the aesthetic values for each of the product. I had the opportunity to see very appealing and interesting product packagings at the event.

There were also packed coconut water, mangosteen water and the typically famous packed dehydrated fruits such as banana, mango, guava and many other Thailand’s local fruits and delicacies.

We were rather surprised that we did not see many functional food even though the recent trends have delved into wellness. The products exhibited still mostly leaned towards flavour and taste instead of health benefits.

As for the tea range, there were a lot of lemongrass tea and their local tea (most not very common in Malaysia). Thus, we see huge potential in our own healthy tea like Misai Kucing (for diabetes, gout rheumatism) and other upcoming variants.

Inside ThaiFex Hall


Some of the local Thai products



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