Walking The Talk – Corporate Social Responsibility

We have always been looking out, for ways to give back to society. There are many deserving cases out there, and unfortunately, some are bogus, some are well taken care of by corporates and some are screaming for help.


Ever since MNMDS was delisted due to lack of fundings and manpower, we are still looking for an Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) that we can associate with. Our focus is on women, children and education. If you know of any NGOs, kindly drop us an email at info@rhymbahills.com, and we will look into it.


Recently, in conjunction with Wesak Day and Mother’s Day, together with a group of friends, we organised a Blood Donation Drive.  To make things different, we have activities for the donors to occupy themselves, while they wait for their turn to donate blood. We  had a Health Scan, Bone Scan,  Eye Check, First Aid Talk and even Star Wars ‘guests’!


Even, a friend who dropped by, commented it is the most happening Blood Donation event they have ever seen! 🙂



Volunteers packing the tea into the goodie bags



Camera time



Ensuring the blood bags are kept at ideal temperature

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