Benefits of Misai Kucing

Diuretic Effects

Misai Kucing works as an excellent diuretic as certain phytochemicals, “relaxes” the muscles of walls of the internal vessels thus facilitating easier flow of urine and even the small particles that become stones.
This diuretic effect helps with gout, kidney stones and high blood pressure.


Anti-hypertensive Effects

Diuretic medications are often used to treat high blood pressure. When there is less water and sodium in the blood, the blood pressure is lowered and makes it easier for the heart to pump.


Anti-diabetic Effects

When whole extract of Misai Kucing was used on laboratory rats, there was a significant decrease in blood glucose concentration compared with that in a control group.


Cholesterol-inhibiting Effects

Misai Kucing also has been shown to inhibit a type of enzyme thought to be involved in the development of artery blockage by LDL Cholesterol. When the whole natural product is used, the synergistic effect compared to the individual flavonoids, showed greater inhibitory results.


Tumour-inhibiting Effects

Skin cancer cell lines have been shown to reduce when extracts of Misai Kucing were used in laboratory studies.


Antioxidant Effects

Since there are many flavanoid properties present in Misai Kucing, Misai Kucing can be known as antioxidant, protecting the body from free radicals. Free radicals can lead to problems such as heart disease and cancer.

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