BFM Breakaway 2014

BFM is a radio station in Malaysia. BFM stands for ‘Business FM’.  When I am driving, I will only tune into BFM during the weekdays, and on weekends, I listen to something else.  (Since they are a business station, their music selection is not to my liking)



The registration counter. The Malaysian time, where some of the audience arrive late



Every year, for the past 5 years (I think), they will organise this event, and they call it ‘BFM Breakaway’. It is where they will invite entrepreneurs who have been to their station to have an interactive whole day session with the fellow radio listeners. I really love the idea of this, as we get to ask entrepreneurs the ‘hard questions’ live.


This year, the theme for ‘BFM Breakaway’ is ‘Made in Malaysia’. They focused on entrepreneurs who have either successfully penetrated the global market, or have at least started to penetrate.



The entrepreneurs, being ‘grilled’ by Pete Pereira (in yellow shirt), a trainer who works closely with BFM


I particularly enjoyed this year’s Breakaway. Maybe it is because we are heading towards that direction, i.e. moving abroad, tapping the overseas market?


What I noted that the direction of the consumers is towards I.T., and I also realised that since more and more people are always on the go, we will also be moving toward that direction. Stay tuned for news!


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