Cafe Malaysia 2017


This year, we took part in Cafe Malaysia 2017. Cafe Malaysia 2017 has been held in Malaysia for the past 3 years. In the past, we have been very focused on the retail sector – organic shops, pharmacies, spas and premium supermarket.


Mid of 2016, we started penetrating into cafes, and we were quite successful in it. Hence, we decided that we wanted to penetrate into more cafes, thus, the decision to take part in the inaugural Cafe Malaysia 2017.


Group Picture at the booth

It is interesting that Malaysia is still a very much coffee culture, judging by the number of coffee supplier booths, and the baristas competition.


However, as I mentioned and shared with a few others, I have always look at United States for Food and Beverage trends. And the trend indicates that Tea and Herbal infusion is the NEXT wave.


Our blends for tasting


This is why, despite knowing that we are surrounded by coffee people, we still persist in our vision and mission to promote herbal infusion.


All in all, we are glad that we managed to reach out the new and current cafe owners about our beautiful and aromatic blends – caffeine free, sugar fee Cinnamon blends, Tumeric blends, Ginger blends etc.


We as herbal tea supplier, are very excited to what 2017 has to offer. Bring it on!


p/s:Do enjoy a short video of the event!



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