MAHA 2016


Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture & Agrotourism (MAHA) is held every 2 years. Thus, the last time it was held 2 years ago. It is Malaysia’s biggest agriculture showing, bringing all players within the industry, from throughout Malaysia to gather at MAEPS in Serdang.

We could see that there are more healthier beverages available – fresh fruit juice, coconut juice, etc. During MAHA 2014, the food showcased catered towards the trendier option. Thus, we are glad that there are more and more entrepreneurs who want to enter the ‘clean eats’ industry.

Here’s the video taken at the main hall.

Note: We took part in this event 2 years ago, trying out whether this event would be a good venue for us. This year, we decided to give this event a miss, as we are busy with other events and preparing for other events.


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