Cardiovascular Health Benefits of Java Tea Blends

Heart health issues have seen a huge rise around the globe. While conventional medicines are doing their job in providing effective treatment for heart diseases, various natural remedies along with small lifestyle changes can result in significant cardiovascular health benefits.  The article here studies the health benefits of Java team also known as “Misai Kucing” in Malay, in keeping the human cardiovascular system healthy. 

Cardiovascular health issues

The cardiovascular system made up of the heart, arteries, veins, and capillaries is the lifeline of the human body. The system is responsible for supplying the body with oxygenated blood which is vital to keep the tissues and cells alive and thriving. 
cardiovascular health
Cardiovascular health issues have seen a huge surge in the past few decades. In fact, cardiovascular health disease (CVD) is considered the most common cause of death around the world.  Following are some of the most commonly observed CVD types:

Coronary heart disease

CHD is defined as damage or restriction in the heart tissues or major blood vessels of the heart. One of the most commonly observed causes is unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits resulting in the building of plaque. This causes the narrowing of the vessels which restricts the blood flow to and from the heart. 

Hypertension or High blood pressure

High blood pressure is one of the most commonly observed cardiovascular conditions. It is characterized by very high pressure of blood against the arterial walls. The disease, if left untreated may be a cause for serious health issues like heart disease and stroke. 

Cardiac arrest

Cardiac arrest happens when there is a sudden loss of heart functions. The heart suddenly stops functioning which creates affects respiration and consciousness. Various silent cardiovascular health concerns like high cholesterol, hypertension, etc can often be the root cause of cardiac arrest. 

Heart failure

Heart failure is a chronic condition that occurs when the heart can not efficiently pump blood. It may result from diseases in the heart tissue or other congenital defects. While the condition can not be completely cured, various lifestyle changes and home remedies may help in reducing the symptoms of the condition. 


Arrhythmia is characterized by the irregular (not normal) beating of the heart. 

Peripheral artery disease

This is a condition that results from the deposit of calcium in fatty substances in the walls of vessels supplying blood to the limbs. Healthy heart diets which include natural remedies along with a change in lifestyle are considered very beneficial to cure this condition. 
cardiovascular health
Various other diseases and conditions that are closely related to cardiovascular health include stress, diabetes, obesity, etc. A very sharp increase in these conditions has been observed in the last few decades. The key reasons include unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits, environmental conditions and work stress. 

Natural remedies to treat cardiovascular health issues

While healthy eating habits, lifestyle changes and regular exercise are a must to treat cardiovascular health issues, various other natural remedies can help too. 

What is Java tea?

Malaysia is blessed with natural herbs that are used for various health benefits. Java tea, also known locally as Misai Kucing is a herbaceous shrub. The shrub commonly grows to height of 1.5 meters and is also used as a garden plant because of its beautiful flowers. 
cardiovascular health
Java tea has been traditionally used as a beverage in various parts of the country. The leaves of the plant contain various active ingredients which are known to help manage blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels, control excess blood sugar as well as various other cardiovascular health benefits. 

Java Tea Blends for Cardiovascular Concerns

Rhymba Hills produces wonderful Java tea blends like those with Ceylon Cinnamon. The combined aroma of Java tea leaves and Ceylon Cinnamon brings up a refreshing experience along with multiple health benefits. 
cardiovascular health
Java tea when blended with Ceylon Cinnamon has multiple cardiovascular health benefits which include:
  • Helps lower hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Manages cholesterol
  • Improves blood lipid ratio
  • Helps in thinning of blood and hence reduces the chances of heart attacks
  • Improves the antioxidant levels in blood, hence enhances heart health
  • Improves sensitivity to Insulin and helps control blood sugar
  • Protects from other cardiovascular and coronary artery diseases
  • Works as an anti inflammatory substance
And you know what?  Java tea blended with Ceylon Cinnamon is naturally sweet and is a great solution for people looking for low sugar beverage options. 

Cardiovascular Health Benefits 

Coming down to a compilation of the cardiovascular health benefits of Java tea blends. The following positive health impacts have been noticed in people on regular consumption of Java tea blends:

A natural diuretic

Java tea is known to be an excellent diuretic. The shrub contains some active phytochemicals that relax the internal vessel walls and hence allows easy passage of urine. Infact, it is even known to benefit people suffering from stones and painful urine ejection.  Regular consumption of Java tea blends helps in the treatment of gout, kidney stones and also high blood pressure. 

Treatment of Hypertension

High blood pressure is one of the most common cardiovascular health issues. Various drugs along with diuretic medications are used for the treatment of hypertension. Java tea blends like those with Ceylon Cinnamon help in managing the sodium-water balance in the blood and hence treats hypertension. 

Effective blood sugar management 

Diabetes poses a serious threat to cardiovascular health. Increased blood glucose levels are linked to high blood cholesterol, coronary artery disease, increased blood pressure and other heart health related issues.  Misai Kucing, or Java tea blends are an excellent natural remedy for management of diabetes, thereby adding to its list of cardiovascular health benefits.  

Cholesterol reduction

Cholesterol and artery blockages are the key reasons of death from cardiovascular health issues. Controlling cholesterol levels is important for a healthy blood flow system within the body.  Java tea has been known to effectively inhibit the production of an enzyme that is responsible for the development of LDL cholesterol for artery blockage. The product shows great inhibitory results when the product is used for a long time. 

Antioxidant properties

Java tea or Misai Kucing is rich in flavonoids. This makes it an excellent antioxidant, which protects the body from the effect of free radicals. The lesser the free radicals in the body, the lower the chances of cardiovascular health issues. 

Weight management

High weight has been considered a risk factor for diabetes as well as cardiovascular health diseases.  Java team is a very valued treatment line when natural weight loss options are being considered. The herb speeds up the body’s metabolism and prevents the absorption of fat, thereby aiding in long term weight loss.  Final thoughts: Health issues like cardiovascular concerns can be hard to deal with. What better than to manage them effectively by a simple cup of hot aromatic beverage? Regular consumption of Java tea has been found to be very effective in managing cardiovascular health issues as mentioned in the article.  In addition, Java tea has various other benefits like treatment of kidney disorders, inhibition of tumor causing cells (stops the proliferation of cancer cells), antiallergic and anti-inflammatory  properties, antifungal effects, treatment of joint aches, etc.   

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