Top 5 Natural Tea Blends for Postnatal Care of Women

Postnatal period is considered the period right after the birth of a child. The stage is critical for a woman’s body which undergoes major hormonal changes during the phase. Various short as well as long term health problems can be observed during this period, which makes postnatal care of women an absolute necessity.  While conventional medicinal lines of treatment are sometimes used to treat common postnatal conditions, various natural remedies like herbal tea blends help in speeding up the process. 

Common postnatal conditions 

Postnatal conditions may appear as a temporary phase, but can have lifetime effects on a woman’s health and well being if not managed effectively. Following are the two commonly observed postnatal health conditions in women:

Postnatal depression

Postnatal depression, also known as postpartum depression (PPD) is a form of mental health issue that may onsets within four weeks of childbirth. Postnatal depression is linked to various hormonal, psychological and social changes in a woman’s body after having a baby.  The rapid drop in the levels of estrogen and progesterone is the main reason behind postnatal depression. Symptoms like insomnia, fatigue, mood changes, feelings of hopelessness, helplessness or even thoughts of suicide are common during PPD. 
postnatal care
While conventional antidepressants are often used to treat patients suffering from PPD, various natural remedies combined with adequate rest work as an excellent means of postnatal care for women. 

Postnatal weight gain

Postnatal weight gain is a very common condition amongst women  who’ve undergone childbirth. While it is common that women find it hard to lose weight post child birth, there are others who add more weight and continue doing so.  Various factors like low thyroid function, sleeplessness, stress hormones and lack of proper postnatal care for women can result in them gaining weight post childbirth.  Continual increase in weight post childbirth contributes to various medical risks like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, hypothyroidism, etc.  Various lifestyle changes, moderate exercise and using some natural remedies like herbal teas as a part of your daily routine are recommended for postnatal care of women undergoing these symptoms. 

Best herbal tea blends for postnatal care

Medications as prescribed by a healthcare practitioner, adequate rest and moderate exercises are a must for effective postnatal care of women. However, adding natural remedies like herbal teas can work wonders too.  Various herbs have natural ingredients like anti-inflammatory chemicals, antioxidants, and other chemicals for mood enhancement.  Following are some recommended herbal tea options for postnatal care of women. 

1. Lemongrass tea (with ginger blend) 

Low breast milk supply, excessive weight gain are some of the common postnatal issues in women.  Lemongrass tea has active ingredients which work as galactagogue that increase the production of breast milk. Additionally, lemongrass also helps in burning postnatal fat without any side effects and is recommended for use as a part of postnatal care for women.  Rhymba hills Lemongrass ginger blend helps increase the breast milk supply. Additionally, it is an excellent natural remedy for women struggling to lose weight after childbirth.  Other postnatal health concerns like gassy stomach, digestion problems, anxiety, stress, belly cramps, nausea, etc can also be effectively managed by regular consumption of a hot cup of lemongrass ginger tea from Rhymba Hills

2. Ceylon Cinnamon tea blends 

Antioxidants are required during the postnatal period to keep the blood sugar levels in control and boost anti-inflammatory  agents within the body. A woman’s body needs internal healing time after childbirth.  Herbal tea blends with Ceylon Cinnamon is an excellent beverage to include in our routine as a part of postnatal care.  Ceylon Cinnamon helps control blood sugar by improving sensitivity to Insulin. Additionally, it is loaded with antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents which help speed up internal healing of the body post childbirth.  Rhymba Hills Ceylon Cinnamon Blend tea and Java Tea Blend contain Ceylon Cinnamon.  Additionally, Ceylon Cinnamon is also an ingredient of the herbal slimming tea and helps in the management of postnatal weight gain in women. 

3. Roselle tea blends

Roselle has been valued for its multiple therapeutic benefits for centuries. Roselle based tea blends are excellent for postnatal care of women. Roselle helps in restoring hormonal balance and hence work great for women suffering from postnatal depression or postnatal weight gain.  Additionally, Roselle tea blends have active anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which help in internal healing of the body post childbirth.  Roselle is known to inhibit the production of amylase, which is one of the main ingredients responsible for absorption of carbohydrates and starch in the body. Regular consumption of Roselle tea blends like Rhymba Hills AntiOxy help in postnatal weight loss.  Finally, the antidepressant properties present in Roselle help to calm down the nervous system and reduce anxiety and depression that is common after childbirth.  Adding Roselle tea blends as a part of your postnatal care routine is highly recommended. 

4. Turmeric tea blends-

Internal inflammation within the uterus can happen after child birth. Turmeric contains bioactive compounds which have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Regular consumption of tea blends containing turmeric help in internal healing of the body.  Additionally, turmeric has powerful antioxidant effects which help in neutralizing free radicals and boost the protective system of the body.  Further, turmeric tea blends are known to stimulate the production of serotonin and dopamine in the body which are mood enhancing hormones and help relieve symptoms of postnatal depression in women.  Rhymba Hills AntyOxy has turmeric as one of the key ingredients and is recommended for postnatal care of women. 

5. Bentong ginger tea- 

Ginger is known to work as a stress buster along with various other health benefits like anti-inflammatory properties, pain reduction, immunity strengthening, etc.  Ginger has calming properties that help alleviate symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety.  Finally, a refreshing cup of ginger tea has string antioxidant properties which increase immunity and boost internal health of women during the postnatal period.  Products like Rhymba Hills Reevitalise and Rhymba Hills Reefresh have Bentong Ginger as one of the key ingredients. Regularly using them as a part of your postnatal care is highly recommended.  Postnatal care for women is important, yet one of the most neglected health aspects. Proper medical guidance, medications as suggested, adequate rest, family support along with herbal tea blends as mentioned in the article are found to be extremely beneficial.  A cup of aromatic herbal tea, love and care can do wonders for women in this phase.   

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