Coffee, Tea and Dessert Exhibition

Over the weekend, we attended the Coffee, Tea and Dessert Exhibition in town. It was held in KL Tower. KL Tower is one of the main tourist attraction in town. It has a viewing gallery on top, where you get the view of the entire KL city area.


At the event, which is relatively small compared to many others I have attended, it hosted a few international coffee brands, some local cakes and ice cream. I am always happy to see local brands. I sincerely believe that local brands, especially with artisan touch are of better quality compared to international brands (since they are so commercialised)


Although the event was relatively small, I am glad that I managed to have a decent conversation with one of the tea booths. The owner is a passionate tea drinker from South Malaysia, and is keen to promote healthy tea. However, to my dismay, the owner adds honey to the tea  (for taste).


This is where I really want Rhymba Hills to be different. To be natural, without sugar, additives, preservatives and colouring. I believe the trend is moving towards healthy lifestyle, but the market and consumer needs time. And this is where Rhymba Hills comes in – to educate the public about healthy lifestyle and drinking good quality tea, like Lemon Grass and Misai Kucing, which helps with diabetes, gout, indigestion and insomnia.


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