Fresh Air and Green Hills


Yesterday, a friend invited us to her family’s farm in Bukti Tinggi. Bukit Tinggi is about 20 minutes drive from the edge of Kuala Lumpur city.


The farm has supplies of vegetable and a fish pond (to breed tilapia). We took the opportunity to pluck some vegetable off the ground and eat them raw. Very yummy! (sweet and crispy)



Love the greens!



The fish farm


Also, since my friend is a local in Bukit Tinggi, she knows everyone there.  She offered to harvest some vegetables, and bring to the local restaurant for our lunch. Real awesome!



The freshly harvested vegetable, awaiting to go into the wok, as our lunch.

The plate is local crackers (yummy but sinful)


My friend’s family practises natural farming, thus they supply vegetable to distributors in Kuala Lumpur town. Unfortunately, they do not plant lemon grass nor misai kucing plant and many varieties of fruits at the moment, due to lack of manpower.


Perhaps in future…

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