Health Fair at MidValley

There is a health fair ongoing today until Sunday at MidValley Exhibition Centre. I always make it a point to go, to see what is new in the market, and of course, whether I am able to connect with potential partners.


There are quite a number of familiar brands like Alive, Love Earth, Kordel, etc. What I notice is majority of the exhibitors and flyers are in Chinese. And yours truly do not read Chinese.


At one of the booth, I noticed that the exhibitor had one of the fast food outlets packaging (presumably it was their lunch) I was flabbergasted. On one hand, the exhibitor is promoting healthy food, on the other hand, they are not practicing what they preach. So they are merely sales people then? Sigh… (forgot to take photo!)


There was only one tea company, which is Pukka, a British organic tea. All in all, it was worth my time to go there, bearing in mind the mad Christmas crowd.


Look forward to having our Lemon Grass and Misai Kucing tea booth in one of the bigger future exhibitions.



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