Month of Supermarkets’ Sampling

September was a month of supermarkets samplings. As we are in the Food & Beverage industry, samplings is a MUST. There are so many products on the shelf, and to let customers know where are in the space, customers need to try our herbal infusion tea and learn that there is such a fantastic Malaysian product in the market, which is sugar free and caffeine free.

Many a times, when we do samplings, these are the questions that customers will ask:

  • How long has Rhymba Hills tea been in the market?
  • Where is the product from?
  • I can’t drink tea. I drink tea I can’t sleep at night. So I can’t drink your tea (this is where we have the opportunity to educate customers that our herbal infusion does not contain caffeine at all, since they do not have any tea leaves)
  • and of course, to see the reaction from the customer, when they taste our herbal infusion, and fall in love with the taste…

Our products are available at selected Jaya Grocer, Village Grocer and BIG supermarkets. Thus, for the whole of September, we carried out samplings at the selected outlets

Village Grocer Citta Mall

Customer trying out our herbal infusion at Village Grocer Bangsar Village

BIG Damansara City Mall

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