Voice of Start-Ups in SEA (DurianAsean.com)

I am so glad to know of independent radio stations who are keen to help start-ups, to give them a voice and to spread the awareness that there are many great Malaysian talents out there!


Another great radio station is DurianAsean.com.  We were invited to share about our journey, during the ‘Blast from the Grassroots’ session today at 8.35am.  We were greeted by Arlene, Gowri and Grace.


We definitely  had fun and hope to inspire entrepreneurs and the general mass to lead healthier life. One of the topics that we discussed was how the perception of Malaysian brands in the eyes of the public. We, at Rhymba Hills, would like to change that, and we believe that there are many other excellent companies and brands out there who are also trying to achieve the same.


Thus, we are on our journey, to mark our Malaysian stamp on the global tea market.


If you are keen to listen to the podcast, please click here : podcast link

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