What is the Difference between Rhymba Hills tea and Organic Lemon Grass and Misai Kucing?

Are our tea organic? No, they are not, but they are 100% natural.

So what is the difference between Organic and Natural Farming?

Both Organic and Natural Farming have NO chemicals, pesticides, insecticides.

Part of the definition of organic farming is to ensure soil health (ie plant rotation, so that the nutrient composition is retained and not depleted) and the plantation is a certain distance from road (to avoid fumes from vehicles)

However, bear in mind that while there are organic Lemon Grass and Misai Kucing Tea in the market, most of these teas are packed in plastic bags. Eventually oxygen will penetrate into the bags and affecting the aroma and quality of the tea. On top of this, most of these tea are packed in non-certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) factories, making hygiene questionable.

This is compared to Rhymba Hills tea, which are packed in aluminum foil, to ensure oxygen do not affect the quality of the tea.

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