Why the Taste of Leaves and Tea Bags are Different?

Recently, someone commented that the Lemon Grass Leaves/Misai Kucing Plant tastes much better and more aromatic when freshly brewed compared to teabags.

My answer to that statement. Yes, I fully agree. Since the leaves are chopped to fit in the tea bag. Thus offering convenience, and our Rhymba Hills teas bags are INDIVIDUALLY packed in foils to contain freshness.

This is something that all other brands in the market do not offer. After some time, oxygen will seep into the plastic bag, causing deterioration in colour, smell, nutrient in the Lemon Grass Leaves and Misai Kucing Plant.

Something to consider.


The commonly found Lemon Grass Teabags in plastic bags



Our Lemon Grass and Misai Kucing teabags are individually packed in foils for freshness


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