What is the Healthiest Food to eat at Mamak?








Many times, people share that eating out is unhealthy. We are surrounded by lots of food, yummy ones (but unfortunately very sinful and unhealthy)


Well, for convenience, especially here in Malaysia, eating out is easy. So what eatery is all over the place?


Mamak of course! (some are even 24 hours!)


So what is healthy to eat at mamak? I would normally go for chapati (picture shown). Chapati is made fromwholemeal flour and there is no oil used (compared to Roti Canai, lots and lots of oil)


And drink? Err…I normally drink plain water as the rest have sugar in it. I used to order fruit juice but I realised that Mamaks do not have room temperature water. They only have ice and boiling water. So in order to make fruit juice, they add in boiling water into the juicer! *gasp* vitamins and enzymes are depleted….[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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