What Next After Waking Up in the Morning?


For many years, I just jumped out of bed, head to the washroom to brush my teeth. Then drink my tasty supplements.


However now, after learning more about health and our body, I drink 2 glasses of warm water first. I sip them, and not gulp them down.


Logically speaking, this makes senses. When we sleep, we are literally fasting, between 6-8 hours (depending how many hours you sleep)


And if you don’t hydrate yourself first thing when you wake up, your body lacks the capability to get moving.


So drink up first, before you do anything else 🙂


p/s: Drink quality water. Please avoid Reverse Osmosis water. Get a good water filtration system. It’s an investment for your health. After all your body is 70% made of water.

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