Where are our Plantations?

At Rhymba Hills, we believe in quality. We believe that the plants must be growing in ideal soil, to allow nutrients to be fully absorbed. Thus, our plantations are located in the Northern side of Peninsular Malaysia, near the limestone mountains. The water here has higher content of nutrients compared to other parts of the country.


  At the Lemon Grass plantation.



At Misai Kucing plantation, with the farmer. Papayas are planted alongside the Misai Kucing, as the overly ripe papayas are used as fertilizers. And, yes, I managed to eat the papaya, freshly plucked from the tree. And they were tasty! Natural is good and sweet!



Upclose picture of Misai Kucing plant


So, when you drink Rhymba Hills, you are assured that you are drinking quality Lemon Grass and Misai Kucing tea, hygienically packed in factories.

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