Caffeine Free Tea Benefits

There are quite a number of tea drinkers who are caffeine sensitive. This means that, the slightest amount of caffeine will give them the jitters, or even causing them sleepless nights.

While caffeine is stimulating, anything in excess is not recommended.

Thus, for those who are caffeine sensitive, they will always choose tea/beverage that are naturally caffeine free. So how do you know if your tea/beverage is caffeine free? Tea technically comes from the camellia sinensis family, and they contain theine, the naturally occurring bound caffeine.

To consume caffeine free tea, choose infusion. Infusion, or most commonly known as herbal tea, do not come from camellia sinensis family. Thus, they do not contain caffeine. Examples of infusion will be flowers, roots, barks and spices, to make this wonderful infusion.

Besides smelling aromatic and tasting wonderful, this infusion has medicinal benefits. Lemongrass and chamomile are known for their calming effect, while ginger has been traditionally consumed for its digestive benefits.

Thus, most infusion are mainly consumed for health benefits like better sleep, weight loss and calming effect.

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