Getting Fit and Healthy with PIDM

I am glad that more and more corporates are emphasizing that health and wellness are important for their employees.


They see that when employees are healthy, they are more productive, and the bottom line of the company will increase.


Yesterday, we took part in the wellness program with PIDM.



Our booth



Margaret, the General Manager of HR in PIDM, giving the opening ceremony speech


We had great fun, what more, our booth was next to a spa booth (so we got FREE essential oil smell!). We are always happy to be able to reach out to more senior management people, to share about the goodness of our Lemon Grass and Misai Kucing. We realise that many have the common issues of flatulence, insomnia and gout.


Glad to be able to make a difference and help all to be healthier, the natural way.



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