It’s All About Digital Now

Smartphones have truly changed the way we do things. Consumers no longer watch as much TV or listen to radio, instead they do majority of ‘viewing’ and getting informed via their devices (laptop, desktop, tablets etc.) With that said, it is no wonder that everyone is talking about going digital now!

In fact, there is a term called “O2O” which stands for “Offline to Online” or vice versa and it highlights how important it is for retail shops to have online presence!

Of late, there are so many seminars addressing the importance of digital spaces – to the point where one must be careful in choosing the best seminar suitable for one’s organization.

The Malaysian government is pushing for more SMEs (small and medium enterprises) to go digital and global. With this, the Malaysian government’s introduction to Digital Free Trade Zone (DFTZ) and the setting of the world’s first Alibaba hub outside of China in Malaysia, marks the exciting progress for Malaysian entrepreneurs.

Recently, we attended a Digital Seminar organized by MaGIC (Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre), located in Cyberjaya. MaGIC was launched on the 27th of April 2014 by former American President Barack Obama with YAB Prime Minister Najib Razak. MaGIC aims to build a sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem for Malaysian entrepreneurs and to act as an incitement for creativity and innovation for the nation. Thus far, MaGIC has provided many platforms for discussions, conferences and events that allow for generating ideas and capacity-building initiatives.


One of the Speakers Taking the Stage











And as entrepreneurs in this fast changing landscape, we must keep on learning, applying and most importantly, figure out timely enough, what works and what does not, and move on quickly. [Like what the business guru, Stephen Covey shares “Sharpen the Saw” (ie not to just keep on sawing the tree, but also take time to sharpen the saw)]


Our Rhymba Hills® Tea is already on major ecommerce sites and also premium supermarkets. However, when we do road shows, a lot of consumers are still unaware of our brand. Therefore, we are working feverishly on our online presence.

Stay tuned while Rhymba Hills® penetrate the digital space!

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