Kickstart 2015!

After a long hiatus (busy, busy!) of not supplying Lemon Grass Tea to attendees of Kickstart, we finally made our appearance last night.


Last night, had 3 guest speakers – Imran Mohd Ali, Dave Rogers and Mike Handcock. Imran is a young serial entrepenuer from Singapore, who specialises in online marketing. While Dave and Mike are business coaches who travel around the world to give their amazing Rock Your Business Seminar!


Attendees who were brave enough, took the stage to pitch their ideas to the crowd, while Dave and Mike gave review on the pitch. Pretty awesome to have world class coaches to give on the spot feedback!


At the end of the night, most attendees were thirsty, and they had Lemon Grass to quench their thirst. We shared with them that Lemon Grass is excellent for insomnia, and thus, they would have slept like a baby last night 🙂


Again, thanks to Mav for organising the amazing Kickstart!


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