Natural Stress Relievers

In our everyday lives we deal with stress, and so it is very important to try to put the level of our stress under control and discover natural stress relievers. Although stress can help to drive and motivate you positively to carry out specific tasks and accomplish them, continuous and uncontrolled stress can affect the body negatively which could lead to obesity, heart diseases, mental disorder, cancer, etc. It can be triggered by poor diets, lack of sleep or inadequate sleep, work factors, among others.

Causes of Stress

What are the causes of stress?

Stress can be triggered by chemical, physical, emotional or psychological factors. Unfortunately, we are always exposed to these factors on a daily basis.

Stress caused by physical factors- this stress level can be elevated as a result of trauma or injury, inability to sleep. It can also increase when you do not have good fats in the body needed for the proper production of hormones.

Stress caused by emotional factors- this occurs due to the loss of a loved one, property, contract, etc. According to some research studies, emotional stress can exist in several individuals from childhood.

Poor nutritional diet- many people will prefer eating processed or refined foods rather than fresh fruits and foods rich in nutrients.

Stress caused by chemical factors- this can be triggered by the environment, body care products, etc. They tend to interfere with the normal functions of the body.

Ways to Overcome Stress

Exercise or Yoga

One of the ways you can easily relieve stress is by engaging in yoga and exercises as it is a natural remedy for anxiety as well as stress relief. During exercise, endorphins which serve as natural painkillers are released in the brain to help elevate the mood. It helps to regulate the body psychological as well as metabolic processes which include the regulation of insulin and the improvement of the body hormone levels. Exercise helps to boost the immune system and make use of the stress hormones thereby reducing its levels in the body. You do not have to go for a workout or visit the gym if you do not wish tp. You can carve out time to try out some exercises at home. Exercise can help to boost your self-esteem and confidence and reduce the risk of being depressed. You will need a quality amount of sleep to help your body recover and become refreshed; you can achieve that by exercising. Yoga has been proved several times to connect the body and mind and relieve stress. It can increase self-confidence about your body, promote sleep, relieve anxiety and improve the health generally.

Devotional prayer/ Meditation

Another natural way you can relieve stress is by taking a few minutes to meditate or engage in some devotional prayer. These are well-known for relieving stress as it can help you manage anxiety and worries, control stress and thus peace of mind. You can engage in any of these natural stress relievers at any time of the day, preferably in a quiet environment and the good thing about this type is that you do not need a therapist to assist you through this. Apart from its religion benefits, it has also been scientifically backed up as methods for overcoming stress and anxiety and staying mentally balanced. You can take 15 to 30 minutes out of your busy schedule to meditate or pray. This involves getting some quiet time to examine your thoughts and present situations or pray and perhaps do some reflections. By doing meditation, you will properly manage the stress causing agents and keep your mental as well as physical health under control.

Healthy Eating

Eating junk foods will worsen your stress level and cause you to be depressed. Therefore it is essential that you eat foods rich in nutrients. Foods that are rich in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, fats (healthy) and whole grains will help your brain to deal with stress. It can help to boost your mood and provide you with the energy and strength to handle daily activities both at work and at home. Consume natural diets that help to relieve stress such as almonds, blueberries, salmon; foods rich in vitamin B-complex.

Your body uses these vitamins in the conversion of nutrients to energy. Examples of foods with vitamin B-complex are poultry, raw dairy products, green- leafy vegetables, yeast, etc.; foods high in protein; healthy fatty foods and omega-3 fatty acids; foods containing magnesium and calcium which are essential in improving sleep abilities, headache relief, and muscle relaxation. Examples are avocados, nuts, legumes, unsweetened organic yogurt, etc. You can also take come herbal infusion made from Lemongrass, Pandan, Chamomile, Thyme, or any other flowers and plants of your choice. This will help calm your nerves, eliminate anxiety, and improve your mood.

Organize Yourself Properly

You get to stay ahead of things and relax when you are organized. To get peace of mind and reduce stress, you have got to figure out how you can organize yourself for the day, week, month or even year. If you happen to be someone who easily gets confused, misplace or forget things, you can create daily to do lists to guide and keep you organized when carrying out your daily activities. Try to tidy up your environment, house or office in an orderly and organized manner as studies have shown that sight of untidy stuff or disorganized mess can increase our stress levels.

Relaxation and Sleep

Sleep is the essential way to relieve stress naturally. Just as having a little amount of sleep can make us irritable, ill-tempered, and generally unhappy, sleeping too much can make us lazy, inactive and depressed. Therefore you need to be moderate about the amount of time you sleep. Research has shown that the body requires 7-8 hours of sleep to be renewed and refreshed. In between your busy schedules, find time to relax as there are several benefits of relaxation; one of its essential benefits is to help reduce or relieve stress, depression, and anxiety. Other benefits of relaxation include its ability to help you think clearly and make better decisions and also increase your productivity. You can make for yourself some herbal infusion and sip it while you sit at your porch or near the window watching the greens in your garden.

Stress can be a problem if not properly managed. Uncontrolled stress leads to illnesses and it may cause tension in relationships with our loved ones. Try the methods above to alleviate stress, take one day at a time. Remember, every day is a new beginning.

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