Hormonal Imbalance Treatment


You just came home from a hectic work day. You have not had your dinner yet, and a monstrous headache came upon you with menstrual pain cramping your style. You wish you will never have to see tomorrow again. Sounds familiar? Why our body react the way they do? Hormones.

Our body hormones regulate our body functions such as weight loss, muscle gain, reproduction, and our overall health in our body by communicating with each other. There are various types of hormones for different functions. They keep our blood sugar normal, the substance of our fertility, preventing inflammation, maintaining thyroid, and managing our water and energy balance.

However, a combination of unhealthy lifestyle and stress environment, our body is either overproduced or underproduced hormones, resulted in an imbalance. We experienced fatigue, insomnia, low immune system, weight gain, infertility, irregular menstrual cycle for women, depression, hair thinning, and irritability.

Currently 20% of Malaysians from the age of 30 to 70, dies from four major non-communicable diseases: cancer, cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes. It is also reported that about 15% of adults aged 25 years and above suffered from high blood sugar and about 35% suffered from high blood pressure[1].

Though the advancement of technology made medicine available, it is just a temporary solution to something very serious. What goes into our body, impacts our health. In order to achieve a long-term solution naturally, we need to seriously adjust our lifestyle. Here are some of the ways of maintaining optimal level of hormones.



Hippocrates once quoted, “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”. Malaysians are surrounded by unlimited variety of food, available 24 hours. Though fast foods and mamak are quick fix to satisfy the tummy, they are processed and refined food. Introduce more green vegetables and fruits into the diet and limiting the amount of fatty and sugary beverages, you feel a difference in your energy and cholesterol level. However, the good fat of Omega 3 is recommended in maintaining your hormonal balance.

Natural herbs are natural remedies to create hormonal balance, such as Rhymba Hills® Reelax tea. Its ingredients, lemongrass and pandan (screwpine leaves), make great antioxidant booster. Lemongrass is known for its detoxification properties, giving the kidney and liver a clean-up, and reduces the risk of cancer. The aromatic pandan leaves provides healing properties to the body and lowers cholesterol.



The best stress reliever and detoxification is a good 30 minutes of workout, three times a week. Not only you are sweating out the toxins, exercise is a good mood booster and keeps your mind and body sharp.  Exercise helps with the endocrine system which is responsible for regulating all of the hormones in our body. While we may focus on trying to lose weight, try to adjust our expectation on achieving smaller goals, like feeling better about yourself or reducing stress. A good combination of strength, cardio, and flexibility exercises will create a positive outlook in you, while flexing and toning your muscles.



Our body needs a minimum of eight hours of shut-eye a day, as it needs to undergo repair work and retune itself. A disruption in your sleep pattern or insomnia will cause you to start the day wrongly. Your brain feels foggy and unable to concentrate well at work. Sleeplessness for a few days in a row will result in your immune system to be weakened as sleep is important to restore your body to its peak. Rhymba Hills® Reelax tea aids in a good night sleep, as the lemongrass contains relaxant properties, and it is natural unlike the sleeping pills sold in pharmacy.


Stress Management

Stress is everywhere, like it or not, we need to be able to manage it. It is our way on responding to the environment surrounding us. The high level of stress decreases your estrogen level, which is crucial in building bone mass and your menstrual cycle. In the long run, stress may cause fracture in our mental health, such as depression, mood swings, and infertility. In order to manage stress, it requires our mindset to change, such as prioritizing of tasks, taking up new activities to deflect the stress such as yoga or painting, or sometimes a simple thing like knowing when to turn off the computer and unwind by watching movie or reading a good book. Hanging out with right people that water our growth instead of adding ‘poison’ in your life perhaps could improve the quality of life.

Sounds daunting? Have a cup of Rhymba Hills® Reelax tea. It is natural and can be easily incorporated into our busy lifestyle by just infusing a tea bag into hot water for five minutes, plus it is caffeine-free and no sugar added. One whiff of it transports you into an ambient environment, as lemongrass and pandan are commonly used as smell and taster enhancer in our local food.

Find out what are the immune boosting tea that can help you.

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