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Rhymba Hills® Lemongrass Blend

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Rhymba Hills® Lemongrass Blend is craftily blended with the citrusy Lemongrass, tangy Kaffir Lime Leaves and the ‘Asian’ vanilla, Pandan, to give you a soothing taste and aroma that you would want more.

Ingredients: Lemongrass, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Pandan

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Interesting Facts:

Pandan is a herbaceous tropical plant that grows predominantly in Southeast-Asia. In Chinese, it is known as the ‘fragrant plant’ because of its unique, sweet aroma. This cultivated plant is an upright bright green leaves, and its leaves are used for cooking many Southeast-Asian dishes for its colour and aroma

This herbal infusion tea is perfect for those who:

Have constipation

Lemongrass is known to help relax muscles, thus, those who are suffering from constipation will get relief as the intestinal muscles are relaxed, easing the bowel movement.

Have insomnia

Pandan is also known to have relaxing properties, thus, the combination of Lemongrass and Pandan will help someone to have a good night sleep.


With Lemongrass having properties to ease digestion issues, it will help those who constantly feel bloated, having a lot of wind in their stomach, especially after a meal. This herbal tea will gently remove the blocked wind from the stomach, bringing the much-needed relief.


The combination of Lemongrass and Pandan is very helpful for those who constantly have digestion issues. Thus, a piping hot mug of Rhymba Hills® Lemongrass Blend may give immediate relief for those who constantly suffer from indigestion.

Helps with oral health (gums)

Kaffir Lime Leaves has been known to help with oral health, as it has anti-bacterial ingredients.

Scalp health (helps with hair loss and dandruff)

Kaffir Lime Leaves has also been known to help with excessive hair loss and dandruff, as the essential oils will help moisturize your scalp.


Read about the benefits of the ingredients here:

  • Lemongrass
  • Pandan
  • Kaffir Lime Leaves

Our product is JAKIM Halal Certified (the highest Halal Certification quality worldwide) with Certification number MS1500:2009 1066-11/2014

Customer Testimonies:

“After consuming your (Rhymba Hills®) Lemongrass Blend tea on Day 1, I can sleep longer and deeper between 3-5 hours and feel fresh after wake up. On Day 2, I can sleep straight for 5 hours and wake up awhile and continue sleep 2 more hours until morning.

Before consuming your tea, I only can sleep for 2 hours (even though I sleep at 7-8pm because too tired of sleepless nights for a few months). I will automatically wake up then can’t sleep anymore until next day morning. Thank you for your (Rhymba Hills®) Lemongrass Blend tea for helping me with my sleep issues!”

-Amies Lim, Country Director, Mindios Berhad


Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 10.5 × 10.5 × 10.5 cm

10 sachets = RM15.99, 20 sachets = RM30.99

2 reviews for Rhymba Hills® Lemongrass Blend

  1. Elaine Kum, Director

    Rhymba Hills Lemongrass Blend is my favourite. It has a unique fresh aroma most pleasant to my taste bud. Immediate bowel movements observed on the 1st refill. I will definitely recommend for any person who has irregular bowel movements. Thumbs up to Rhymba Hills

  2. Jassen Lee, Bukit Jalil

    I drink tea at night (before sleep) during the working day. Help me to get good sleep, and help me with indigestion problem (wind in the stomach).

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