Samplings at Jaya Grocer Supermarkets

We always believe that our distributors and retailers are partners, where we support each other. Support in the form of samplings, and helping to do shout outs in social media.

These days, marketing has to be done both online (social media) and offline (samplings where customers can try our drinks and we get to interact with our customers)

Rhymba Hills Tea Sampling, The Starling

Samplings also offer us a good opportunity to share our learnings and dispel any myths that people have about herbal infusion.

What we realise is when the general public have minor health issues (sleeping disorder, gassy stomach, constipation, etc) they generally consume the western range of herbal infusion (eg chamomile, lavender, etc)

What we are working on is to reach to consumers and share with them that our local herbal infusions can also give such effect (eg helps with sleep, remove wind from the stomach, etc).

Also, the general public are still unaware between the difference between herbal infusion and tea (ie, both contain caffeine). We always share that herbal infusion (eg lemongrass, ginger, pandan) on its own does not contain caffeine, and they will understand from that perspective.

Thus, both online and offline marketing and reach is important to help create awareness.

Sampling, Evolve Mall

Rhymba Hills Tea Sampling, The Intermark

Rhymba Hills Tea Sampling, Mainplace

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