Herbal Slimming Tea Guide for a Safe & Natural Weight Loss Program

Slimming Tea. Does it Work?

Slimming tea helps in weight loss by facilitating the burning of fats, boosting metabolism and suppressing the user’s appetite. Others are also marketed as “fit teas” meaning they can cleanse the body toxins and increase the energy levels. Incorporating dieting and exercises helps in reducing weight significantly. If you are a heavy eater and you replace your full breakfast with a cup of slimming tea in the morning, you avoid more than 400 calories which mark your weight loss journey. Teas also have a flavonoid called catechins that boost metabolism thereby fastening the burning of fats. The caffeine in the tea increases energy causing your body to burn more calories. The two products work best together. After losing weight, continuing with slimming tea will help you prevent you from regaining it by preventing the metabolism slow down that’s common after losing a few pounds.

Health benefits and uses of slimming tea

Are you determined to shed off some weight but not ready to hit the gym yet? Slimming tea is the new style of burning the excessive fats and letting you fit in your skinny jeans once more. Slimming tea will regulate your organic balance, prevent constipation and decomposes neutral fat that enables you to retain your slim body. Here are some popular benefits that you will accrue from a cup of slimming tea; 1.Easy weight loss program. Unlike other losing programs, slimming tea does not need you to schedule time and put in some effort. It can, therefore, fit in anyone’s lifestyle. 2.Improved metabolism and reduced abdominal fat. Drinking slimming tea regularly will improve your metabolism leading to an increased rate of burned fats and hence work towards eliminating excess weight quickly. It reduces the intake of calories. It also prevents the conversion of carbohydrates and sugars into fat hence reducing the fat deposits in your body. Catechins also reduce the abdominal fats without interfering with the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. 3.Delayed Aging Signs. Who wouldn’t want to maintain their young look? Besides losing weight, slimming tea has antioxidants and amino acids that combat free radicals and protects our cells and molecules from damage. The process enhances healing and, therefore, delaying any signs of aging. 4.Reduced cancer risks. Individuals who take slimming tea every day have very low chances of ailing from cancer. Catechins deactivate carcinogens, prevent cell mutation and reduce the formation and growth of tumors. Besides hindering the growth and development of cancerous cells, they also kill cancer cells without interfering with the functioning of the body. 5.Brain Stimulation. Caffeine which is one of the ingredients of slimming tea, activates the brain by increasing the reaction time, memory and vigilance. You can, therefore, fix a cup when you are suffering from fatigue issues. 6.Fights Various Diseases.  Slimming tea is made using natural products with multiple uses. Some of these products fight some illnesses protecting them from degenerating. It also enhances by breaking down fats. 7.Reduced oral problems. Polyphenols and Catechins in slimming tea reduce the bacteria that cause tooth decay, bleeding gums, and bad breath. You may consider taking the tea without any sweeteners to benefit from free dental care. 8.Strengthening of Bones. The anti-inflammatory nature of slimming tea strengthens your bones and reduces the risk of any fractures in the future. It increases the number and activity of the bone-building cells. 9. Prevents Heart Problems. Slimming tea lowers systolic and diastolic blood pressure as well as cholesterol levels hence maintaining the health of your heart. Polyphenols prevent the absorption of cholesterol and dietary fat preventing a stroke or heart attack as well as reducing the risk of heart disease. 10.Improved Glucose Tolerance. The natural ingredients in slimming tea improve glucose tolerance by reducing the amount of insulin.

Which teas are best for weight loss?

Slimming tea can be made by simply pouring hot water onto tea leaves and leaving it to simmer for a few minutes. Alternatively, you can also use a tea bag (for slimming tea) available at grocery stores. Most teas are made using the leaves of Camellia sinensis, an evergreen shrub whose origin is Asia. Here are the best teas to reduce body fat and increase weight loss process;

1.Green tea

Green tea has substances such as EGCG and caffeine that increase the metabolism rate. The tea helps the body to get rid of excess calories and toxins. It also has catechins, an antioxidant associated with weight loss. A study carried out in 2008 proved this theory; 60 obese people were given a standardized diet for 12 weeks. Those who were using the green tea lost 7.3 pounds (3.3 kg) more than the individuals who never had the tea in their diet. Another study showed that individuals who used green tea for 12 weeks, had a smaller waist circumference, decreased body weight, and body fat, unlike the controlled group.

2. Puerh Tea

Pu’er is a type of fermented Chinese black tea. Animal and human studies show that pu’er tea can reduce blood triglyceride and blood sugar while enhancing weight loss. In an experiment carried out, 70 individuals were given either a placebo or a capsule of puerh tea extract. Three months later, those using the capsule lost 2.2 pounds (1 kg) more than the other group. In different research involving rats, researches got the same results proving that puerh has a weight suppressing effect.

3. Black tea

Black tea is associated with the reduction of the waist circumference, low body mass index (BMI) and weight loss because it’s high in flavones. Black tea goes through the oxidation (a chemical reaction that occurs when tea leaves are left in the open) process than other teas such as oolong, white and green teas. This explains its dark color. A group of 111 people drinking three cups of black tea every day significantly increased weight loss compared to another group that was consuming caffeine. Another research that traced back the life of 4,280 adults for more than 14 years showed that individuals with a higher flavone intake from beverages such as black tea had a lower BMI compared to those with a lower flavone intake.

4. Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea is partially oxidized and is placed between green tea and black coffee. Several types of research have shown that this tea increases metabolism and fat burning. A group of 102 individuals took oolong tea for six weeks which lead to significant loss of weight. The scientists attributed the increased weight loss to the ability of the tea to improve the metabolism and burning of fat in the body. Another group of men gave people water or tea for three days. The ones who took tea had increased energy expenditure by 2.9 %( which equates burning 281 calories in a day) than those who took water.

5. White tea

This is among the most popular tea types because it’s minimally processed and the tea leaves are harvested when the plant is young. Test-tube experiments have shown that it kills cancerous cells and prevents oral problems. White tea has the same amount of catechins as those of green tea.

6. Herbal tea

Herbal tea contains spices, natural herb, and fruits in hot water. They are different from other traditional tea because they lack caffeine and are not from Camellia sinensis.  Common herbal teas include; ginger tea, hibiscus tea, rosehip tea, and rooibos tea. Each herbal tea has its own specific benefits which mostly work by aiding digestion and contributing towards higher metabolism. Although the ingredients of each tea can vary, research shows that most of them increase fat loss and weight reduction. Obese rats were given herbal tea, and their body weight significantly reduced and normalized their hormonal levels.

What is the side effect of slimming tea?

Everything has a downside. Luckily, slimming tea does not have any severe side effects. According to Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, senna which has natural laxative effects can bring about side effects such as; cramps, bloating gas, abdominal pain, discomfort, diarrhea, and nausea. Excessive use of laxative can result in abnormal heart rhythms due to potassium depletion and other interferences with electrolytes. Another common ingredient in slimming tea that has side effects is guarana which is associated with caffeine. Its side effects include; restlessness, vomiting, headache, agitation, stomach irritation, ringing in the ears, and fast breath and heart rates. Everything including natural products has side effects after they are combined with other products or overused. Be sure to research on any slimming tea before taking it as a long term dietary supplement.

Is it Safe to Drink Laxative Tea Every day?

Most slimming teas contain diuretics and detox laxative. The two do not contribute to fat loss, but they help in eliminating water weight. Note that other teas use other products that increase metabolism, fat burning, and appetite suppressors. It is advisable that you cut on the products containing laxatives as they can have some side effects. However, the effects are mild. You can use mild laxatives also known as fiber supplements such as Metamucil and Citrucel that are gentle and safe for long term use. Stay Healthy with Slimming Tea Everyone’s priority is good health. Unfortunately, with the busy schedules and poor diets, obesity has taken this dream from many individuals. Incorporating exercises and fat burn diet with slimming tea can lead to increased fat loss and body weight. Slimming tea is a beverage that helps achieve your goals of increased metabolism, controlled appetite, and weight loss. Slimming tea does not require time or energy, so it is easy to commit and take a cup a day. With time, you develop the interest of adding more options from the motivation you get from the slimming tea results. Check out some of our herbal slimming tea products which will help in your weight loss program! Looking for herbal tea supplier, visit here.

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  1. You can learn a lot from this blog post. I must applaud the author on a job well done. Continuous writing Your writing was entertaining to read. I’m telling my other friends about this knowledge because it’s so useful. Keep sharing your fantastic work.

  2. I understand that slimming tea has gained popularity as a potential aid for weight loss, but it’s essential to approach it with caution and skepticism. While some people may experience temporary weight loss or reduced bloating due to the diuretic effects of certain ingredients in slimming teas, it’s crucial to remember that long-term and sustainable weight loss is best achieved through a balanced diet and regular exercise.

  3. In order to support weight loss, some teas may be preferred due to their low calorie content, ingredients that can help speed up metabolism, or properties that can help suppress appetite. Teas alone do not provide miraculous weight loss. A healthy diet, regular exercise and lifestyle changes are of fundamental importance for weight loss. Also, consuming any herb or tea in excess can lead to negative side effects, so be careful to consume it in the recommended amounts. It is always important to consult with your doctor or a nutritionist before starting to implement your weight loss plan.

  4. Slimming tea Promises weight loss, but results vary. Exercise and balanced diet key. Consult a professional before relying solely on tea for weight management.

  5. If you have any health conditions or concerns, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have underlying health problems, it is wise to consult a health professional before consuming slimming teas regularly. Remember, the best approach to weight management and overall health is a balanced diet, regular exercise, adequate sleep, and careful lifestyle choices. If slimming teas are used, they should complement these healthy habits instead of serving as the only solution for weight loss.

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