The Story Exchange – Exclusively for Women Enterpreneurs Around the World

I came across the website for The Story Exchange while I was browsing through the internet. The Story Exchange is a non-profit media organization that is invested to tell the stories of often overlooked business women. It believes that many women are active in business and entrepreneurship but felt that the voice given to these women are limited.

The Story Exchange provides the platforms for these voices to be heard. Through videos, articles and podcasts, The Story Exchange showcases women business owners and entrepreneurs that are set to change the economic and social force. Inspired by these talented and driven women, The Story Exchange offers them to share their personal and professional stories so that others may be inspired too. With that, their utmost mission is to highlight 1,000 stories globally.

After reading a few of the articles, I felt the urge to contribute too, hoping that my story (please click link to read) will inspire someone to do something that the person is passionate for. I am so grateful and humbled that my story was also chosen to be featured. I would like to personally thank Vic from The Story Exchange for publishing my article. I hope that it will play a small part in motivating people to do what they love and lead a healthier lifestyle.


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