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5 Calming Teas to Help You Deal With Mental Issues

Are you suffering from anxiety, stress or struggling with sleep at night? If the answer is yes, then calming tea is what you need. In the mountainous regions of Asia, teas have been used to help with relaxation and as healing medicine, since ancient times. We are living in a fast-paced world, so it is natural to get stressed. But if left untreated, it can lead to a number of health problems in the longer run.  Popping pills inside your body to treat mental issues will do more damage than good. The adverse side effects of the medicine can lead to various other types of medical problems. Research shows that anti-anxiety medication has been known to increase the risk of mortality by 36% With more and more awareness about natural remedies, people are turning to alternative medicines to deal with mental health issues. Traditionally, herbal teas have been considered to have amazing health benefits.

Mental health issues:

The list of mental health issues is endless, but insomnia, stress, and anxiety are the most commonly reported. 

Causes of insomnia:

Although there are many reasons for insomnia like emotional suffering; an underlying chronic disease, etc. Some common causes include:
  • Late night work shifts.
  • Sedentary lifestyle.
  • Depression.
  • Pain due to illness.

Causes of anxiety:

  • Constant worry and fear.
  • Grief/Guilt.
  • Environmental factors.
  • Genetic factors.

Causes of stress:

  • Issues at the workplace.
  • Unhealthy relationship.
  • Increased financial obligations.
  • Chronic disease.

What is calming tea?

Herbal teas which help soothe your nerves and promote relaxation are known as calming teas.  They help improve sleep and lower blood pressure significantly. Drinking the right kind of herbal tea at night can induce relaxation which in turn helps you sleep faster. Having a cup of warm tea can soothe your nerves and muscles making you feel calm.  

Calming teas good for mental health:

1.Lemongrass Tea: 

Lemongrass is a tall stalky plant that has a fresh, lemony aroma and a citrus flavor. It is used as a common ingredient in Thai cuisine. It also has bug repellent properties. As an essential oil, it helps to uplift the mood, freshen the air when used in aromatherapy. Lemongrass Tea has been used as a folk remedy since millennia. : Benefits:
  • Promotes sleep
  • Relieves pain
  • Boosts immunity
  • Relaxes muscles thereby provide relief from stress
  • Soothes the nerves.
Lemon tea is a good alternative for those who feel very stressed. Instead of reaching for something unhealthy, you can choose a wonderful blend of lemongrass and pandan to relieve stress. Try out lemongrass blend, reelax tea from rhymba hills which are beneficial to clear to your mind.   

 2. Ginger Tea:

  Ginger is a superfood that helps us stay healthy. It is an excellent source that aids in digestion. There’s an old Indian proverb that states, “Everything good is found in ginger”. In Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicine, it is referred to as a universal medicine. Chinese medicine, which is also the oldest living medicine branch, uses ginger to restore Yang (hot energy).   The aromatic, spicy root has long been used in both traditional and Western healing systems to make tea. Ginger tea has a number of health benefits. Ginger tea is the oldest medicinal drink, known to aid the digestive system; opening inflamed airways. It is a health-promoting elixir for the whole body. Benefits:
  • Helps relieve the pain and relax the muscles.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Relieves nausea.
  • Lowers stress level and tension.
  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  Studies have shown that ginger can influence serotonin levels and thus help reduce anxiety. Include ginger tea in your life to help soothe your nerves through its calming properties.  

3. Chamomile Tea:

Camomile Tea Calming Tea One of the most widely known variants of calming teas is chamomile tea. It is made from dried leaves of the daisy-like flower, chamomile. It is claimed that long term use of chamomile can reduce symptoms of generalized-anxiety-disorder (GAD). It is a well-known source to induce sleep as it is caffeine-free. Chamomile tea helps promote tranquility and calmness through certain flavonoids. It is rich in antioxidants and has antimicrobial properties. It will help you fall asleep fast if taken before going to bed. It can make feel drowsy if you drink it in the daytime. Benefits:
  • It helps deal with insomnia.
  • Relieves menstrual cramps.
  • Relief from stomach ulcers
  • Help treat gastrointestinal disorders.

4. Green tea:

Green tea is a name synonymous with herbal teas, but it is much more than an herbal tea. It is a popular tea amongst dieters and those who suffer from digestive issues due to its fat burning and diuretic properties. It has loads of other benefits apart from weight reduction. This famous drink is high in L-theanine, which is an amino acid associated with reducing anxiety. According to research, L-theanine helps in increasing focus and attentiveness by enhancing the effects of caffeine. It also helps in reducing palpitations, and anxiety. It does so without dulling the consequence of caffeine. Benefits:
  • Promotes relaxation.
  • Helps lower cardiovascular disease risks.
  • Increases metabolism.
  • Increases production of collagen which is good for skin and hair.
  • Helps manage cholesterol levels.
  • Produces a calming effect to help you fall asleep.
  • Improves mood.
  • Addresses symptoms of depression and anxiety.
Green tea has minimal levels of caffeine but caffeine-free variants are also available.  

5. Lavender Tea:

Lavender, famously known as an essential oil used in many beauty products, also has calming and restorative properties. Lavender tea is made from the dried flowers and buds of the lavender plant. It is slightly minty and sweet in taste. It’s not only good for the mind but also helps with digestive disorders. Benefits:
  • Helps keep the mind in a calm state.
  • Treats diarrhea.
  • Helps in stomach cramps.
  • Promotes the production of bile which speeds up the digestion process.
  • Stabilize mood.
  • Relieves anxiety.

Lifestyle changes to stay mentally fit:

In today’s highly globalized world, thanks to the digital space, one can easily get intimidated by all that he/she sees. In fact, the world health organization (WHO) has designated 10th October as a world mental health day to raise awareness about mental issues. Here are some things you can do to improve your mental health:


One of the best ways to deal with mental issues is through meditation. You do not need to sign up for those special sessions to clear your mind. Just find a quiet place, close your eyes, and simply breath in and out. Focus on your breath in order to stop your mind chatter.  Meditation allows one to experience nothingness. It is a very powerful method if done right. It enhances a person’s ability to focus better and have clarity of thought. You will be able to make better decisions about yourself if you incorporate meditation in your life. It will help you deal with issues like insomnia, depression, anxiety as it soothes your nerves and promotes relaxation.

Active lifestyle:

We are living in times where people are glued to their screens. The digital world is a very engaging space and people spend hours and hours on social media. Even modern-day jobs are mostly desk-based. There is very little scope for movement. Studies have shown that a number of health risks are associated with sedentary lifestyles. If you have a desk job, then you can take care of yourself by incorporating a few changes into your everyday life.  Take a 5 minute walk inside your cabin every hour or so. Headaches are common if you spend long hours on your laptop. Do body stretches and lightly massage your eyes after regular intervals of time.


Sports keep your body fit and flexible. Playing soccer, basketball, or simply running can help you stay fit and healthy. Sports also inculcate team spirit and trust among the players, which is very essential in the present-day world as we often tend to be lonely.  You make good friends with your playmates. Sports provide the necessary boost to your brain by being engaged in a game.


Taking a break from your regular day to day life is an excellent way to keep your mind healthy. Traveling to new places transports you to a different world. It’s an enriching experience to explore new cultures, cuisine, etc. It helps in relaxing your brain and recharges you with fresh energy.

Healthy diet: 

A healthy mind is very important for a healthy life. Making changes in your diet will promote your overall well- being. Avoid a diet that is loaded with oily, junk and fast food. Whole foods like green leafy vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and seafood are rich in nutrients that help in optimal brain function. They contain magnesium, zinc, essential fatty acids and folate which are elements required by our body. Berries, dark chocolate, wine, tea, and certain herbs are known to enhance brain functioning.

Prioritize rest and sleep

People often tend to neglect sleep by prioritizing their work. This can be detrimental in the long run. It is very common amongst the working population to load themselves with high caffeine energy drinks to keep them going. Having a proper sleep schedule is essential for your health. It has been scientifically proven that humans have an inbuilt body clock, also referred to as circadian rhythms. If a person tends to deviate from his circadian rhythms, he/she can develop insomnia; may feel stressed all the time and can develop a number of other serious diseases.  Do not ignore those dozing-off signals you experience at night while working. Sleeping and resting on time will make your life organized as well. Mental issues like stress, anxiety, insomnia, etc can be daunting at times. They can significantly reduce your productivity and make you lethargic. It also paves for a number of other health issues. So it is very important to address these issues before it’s too late. With simple changes in lifestyle, such issues can be dealt with early on. Simply replacing your regular beverages with healthy herbal and calming teas can do wonders for you. Your body is your responsibility so you need to look after it well. Happy healing!

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