Kita Kita x Fern Raya Showcase 2020

We recently secured a new distributor, Kita Kita. Kita Kita specialises in Malaysian products. Fern, a batik design attire, also supplies to Kita Kita.

To introduce their Raya collection, Fern recently had their fashion trunk show. We were invited to share our ice cold brew
Ceylon Cinnamon Blend (which is sweetened by longan, and not sugar) and also our hot infusion Lemongrass, and Pandan.

Guests enjoyed both the ice infusion, and also the hot brewed tea.

Also in attendance were VIPs, who are loyal customers of Fern.

All in all, we had a great time to share about our artisanal, sugar free and caffeine free Rhymba Hills tea infusion.

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