New Partner – NafasYoga KL!

Early this year, we were approached by founders of a new yoga studio. The founders, Su and Zafie are both yoga teachers and tea drinkers. They love Rhymba Hills tea so much that they decided to approach us, so that they pass on the love of tea to their students! So during the opening of the studio, NafasYoga KL, we were invited to share our tea with their students.
with customers who bought our tea!
At the registration/payment counter
Su and Zafie invited their yoga teacher partners to hold classes during the open day, and it was a hit. All the classes were fully booked and there was even a wait list!
An Ongoing Class
  We had such a great time. Once again, congrats Su and Zafie!
With Su(left) and Zafie (right)

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