Curves Malaysia Zumba Party

For 2019, we want to penetrate into fitness and active lifestyle community. Thus, when Curves Malaysia (Sunway Nexis club) invited us to partner them in their Zumba party, we agreed immediately.

The group picture, after the event ended. All happy faces indeed!

It is also during this time, for outdoor events, we serve our cold brew herbal infusion (we only prepare and serve the cold brew herbal infusion during such events). Just a note, cold brew herbal infusion is prepared by steeping the herbal infusion over night, leaving in the fridge.

Pouring out cold brew samples for tasting
Everyone having fun, moving to the grove of Zumba!

All in all, we had so much fun, watching all the participants sweat on an early Saturday morning, and there after, quenching their thirst, with healthy cold brew herbal infusion! (we were serving Rhymba Hills AntyOxy)

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